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Not a bad idea, that would at least give me the EOF data that might be missing...if there is track data missing...that will be harder to figure out.

Also, added those two suggestions through AD.
Okie, dokie, thanks again!
The Untitled behavior is also what would explain why if things go wrong I loose data, if it's stored in a temp directory and Audio Director crashes (which it has done on large files) I've lost 5-6hrs of work.

It's sounding more like a potential opportunity was maybe missed for folks that use the same workflow that I do.

Moving projects is a whole other story...I'm currently trying to rebuild sever ads files because Audio Director keeps saying 'there is data missing' in the ads files when I try and load them...Do you know if there is somewhere, where I can turn on verbose logging so I can see 'what' data it's looking for so maybe I can spoof the data and at least try and recover something these lost projects? I've got all the data files, and project files...but without being able to have better logging I can't work it backwards....well I can, ripping open a few other ads files and see what type might be missing from these others...but's gonna take a long time to manually rebuild these ads files.
Ok, that's a bummer. I don't have any other option to record in 24/192 which is what I need.

Thanks for helping out. It helps me determine my next steps.
My workflow:
1. Open Audio Director
2. Create new adutio file
3. Select Profile settings and click 'OK': <---Here in the project, the audio file is now named 'Untitled1'
4. Begin recording input source.
5. Stop recording.
6. Create new aduio file inside project : <--name created is 'Untitled2'

ads file contents have all titles listed as 'Untitled<n>' where 'n' is the number of the audio file.

ads files are not 'true' XML files which makes them rather difficult to edit effeciently, sure I could use some coding and parse it, but I really should not have to dev my own app to do so.

In the included video you can see the title of the project is 'Untitled', then when I add an audio file it is also 'Untitled'. This is where the issue starts.
I don't use any imported clips, it's all new recordings.
They all start as one long audio file from the creation of the project, which as it happens is always 'Untitled1'.
I then add another audio file (from the menu) and cut from the original to the new file, which is created automatically as 'Untitled2'....'Untitled3'...etc...

I was thinking of just manually editing the ads files but that's rather tedious and the format is rather lacking...I wish it was an XML or JSON, this flat-file format is obnoxious to deal with as well...unless someone has an idea on that too....
I have tried searching all over heaven and earth, including the Audio Director manual, but why-o-why does Audio Director not let me click the name of the track and change it!?
I can't seem to change the track name from 'Untitled', even after I save the project, or produce it?

It's maddening to have a giant list of 'untitled' tracks.

Is there anyone out there that has encountered this behavior, if so, can you help me inform me on 'how' to rename my audio tracks!?
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