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Quote I know I'm late in the game here, but can I recommend that instead of using third-party programs like FRAPS and delGato to record your games and other screen action, you use PowerDirector's excellent, built-in Screen Recorder.

The video it captures is 100% compatible with the editor!

Hi. Screen capture plugins of video editing software don't always work with games. That's where fraps comes in. Just saying.
Hi. What I'm going to suggest is probably unrelated but just to be on the safe side, make sure codecs installed on your PC are working as intended. Maybe the video is produced fine but you can't watch it because of some broken codecs. I use K-Lite Codec Pack for codecs and Media Player Classic to play videos. Sometimes some codecs get broken for some reason, which results in some video files either not playing at all or I hear the sound but there's no picture. In such cases, I use the codec tweak tool that comes installed with the pack to auto fix problems and do a reset to the settings which fixes the playback issues most of the time. It's also a good idea to have a video player that comes with its own built-in codecs (like vlc player) to further investigate the problem. Hope this helps.
From what I've seen on the forums and YouTube, PD18 seems to be a half finished product and the customers who paid for it are doing the beta testing (sadly).

I'm really glad I was able to purchase PD17 Ultra on Microsoft Store last night with a sweet discount. It's stable, it's fast and that's what i need.
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