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Quote It looks like you have another program is using your Logitech C270 at the same time.
You need to close it first.

I appreciate your input, however there was no other program using the camera (it's a YouCam error definitely). Also, yesterday it was working one second and today it appeared to have gone haywire just like that. I failed to mention that I downloaded several "frames" to go with my videos (like ten) and installed them all at once that was really late last night, and I went to bed without checking to see if things had worked... I was beginning to believe I needed to go back to my old NVIDIA drivers, but I decided to uninstall YouCam and re-install. Apparently something happened when I installed the frames, perhaps a file or two got corrupted? Either way, I went on to the page and downloaded both patches and installed them. I was upset I needed to go back to my email to retrieve my key but, the webcam is fixed and works better than before. Apparently those patches helped, or at least one of them. I do have Intel processor so they should come in handy. Loving the program once again. And happy to help others in case they have this issue in the future.

Thank you again!
Everything seemed fine... I also installed OEM drivers. "Logitech Camera Settings" detects camera just fine Logi C270... Works with Bandicam (I wanted to purchase but YouCam was cheaper and I didn't need all the bells and whistles from BC).

Cyberpower PC
Windows 10 (latest update released last week)

I don't think I ever ran YouCam in this PC, I had it in my laptop years ago so I remember it, being really good back then. Ahh, it seemed fine before it told me to update my video drivers for facial smoothing (NIVIDIA GEFORCE GT 720) that's all I remember though.

UPDATE: Uninstalled the NVIDIA experience app (just in case it was "using" my webcam) and opened the Windows 10 "Camera" app, everything seems fine, BUT YouCam still NOT WORKING with my camera... I will probably ask for my money back if I can't figure this out.
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