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Replying to my own post with Solution.......................

1. Install Skype Classic (version 7).
2. Go to Settings>Audio & Video>WebCam Settings
3. Open Video Image tab
4. Uncheck a) Flip Horizontal b) Flip Vertical
5. CLick OK

...............Picture will be correct

When YouCam opened, in settings, ensure horizontal flip is checked. The picture will then show correctly.

Can't explain it. Only noticable diferrence is that YouCam only has s Horizontal Flip whereas Skype also includes a Vertical Flip

Hope others find this useful
Tried this link for Advent PC support:- but can't reach this page.

Tried but my ISP (Virgin) jsust shows windows with - Search results for" - and that's it

Looks like I'm onto a loser with this.

Edit:- Window eventually opened up on YouCam Stating............


The skin smoother function was disabled because of a graphics card issue
Check if there is a driver update available for your graphics card.

Downloaded and installed DriverEasy software and ran. This confirmed that the driver installed was latest driver. Uninstalled DriverEasy
Tried the Windows 10 Camera app but this doesn't work (!?!).

The Camera app opens but no 'picture' of me upside down or otherwise.All I sget is the (YouCam) camera showing in middle of app window. The You cam 8 app also opens and when launced as previously described.
Can't provide screen shot though this wouldn't help. The problem is as described.

The PC is an Advent All-in-One Model a10200. It's running Windows 10 v1903. I believe,when released on the market, it had Windows Vista installed!.

The inbuilt camera is an eMPIA Technology model ET USB 2750. Driver is version 2.8.627.0 dated 27/06/2008 and Digital Signer MS Windows H/W Compatabilty.

Whilst the PC is not current it's solidly built and works very well; apart from this aberration. I've not been able to locate an updated driver and suspect one would not be available for Windows 10 hence the MS Windows H/W Compatabilty signature. Obviously not compatable with this camera.

Love to get YouCam/camera to work together properly so any help/ideas appreciated.
I've just installed YouCam 8. It works but unfortuanately the picture that I see is of myself upside down !!! i.e it looks like i'm sitting/standing on my head.. Under settings I can flip horizontally which I would of thought would put me the right way up so to speak. No change. I'm still up side down but I've flipped vericlically; what was on my left is now on my right !?!

Any explanation and how to correct. I cannot find any setting that would help me.
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