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I'm afraid I used up all my "Undos" when I got to the end of my video after changing everything and realized the audio did not move with the video. At this point, the only solution I can see (short of leaving it as it is) is to cut the audio at every video transition and link the two pieces; all the way through (easily 70+ segments). Ah,well, live and learn.
I have a timeline I am editing created using Multicam Designer. The audio track was seperate from the video tracks. I added transitions using the "apply fading transition to all videos" tool, and changed them all to "Cross" from "Overlap" (big mistake). Now I'm attempting to change them all back to "Overlap" (which basically removes 2 seconds per transition from the video) but the audio track is not following the video track as it shortens. Because the timeline was created using Multicam, there are multiple video clips but only one audio clip, thus I am unable to "link" the audio and video. Grouping also does not help. Any ideas out there?
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