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Yes, and Yes. You are only allowed to install the stand-alone (non-subscription) version on one machine at a time, so as long as you uninstall it from your old PC and then install it on your new one, you'll be OK.

Thanks, that's what I suspected, and was hoping to be the case. I only intend to use it on one machine at a time, but was just a little worried that I might loose my software if I upgrade my machine soon. Thank you.
Hi Guys,

This may have been covered before, so please forgive the question if so.

I am looking at purchasing PD 17 Ultimate as a DVD Rom (rather than download). I may end up upgrading the computer I'm using in the next two or three months - so I'm wondering if I will be allowed to move my licence for the software over to a fresh machine? Is it as easy as uninstalling?

Thank you in advance
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