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Well, it looks exactly as you've described. Could you also upload those two clips to the Google Drive folder? I think it would help to work directly with them to see if the same problem occurs on my system.

Thanks, I have uploaded the clips.
Quote I don't think you're doing anything wrong, but what you're describing is not typical PD behavior. I'm also concerned that the issue happens repeatedly with these particular clips but not to others on the timeline.

Can you run Screen Recorder 2 while you're making these edits to capture exactly what you're seeing? You can upload the recording to YouTube or to a cloud folder on OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. and paste the link to it here. Maybe we'll see something in your workflow, or at least get a better understanding of the issue by seeing the issue directly.

Thanks for offering to take a look.
Let me also add that I am using the Trial Version.
Here's my screen cap:
Noob here:
Here's the situation...

I have 2 clips that I want to place a Fade transition between. I place the transition between the 2 clips and it works fine, but the moment I trim the first clip (trimmed a few seconds from the beginning), the problem happens.

When the first clip comes to an end, the clip freezes for a moment (presumably the duration of the transition) and then the 2nd clip fades in from black. If I remove the trimming of the first clip, the fade transition is as expected and looks fine. This doesn't happen between other trimmed clips elsewhere in the timeline. When I render the video, it is a problem as well. I have tried removing the transition, and untrimming, then adding it back....same thing. When I tried a brand new project with the same 2 clips, the behavior is repeated. The transition behavior is set to overlap.

I am assuming this is user error here.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

AMD Ryzen7
ASUS GTX 1080 ti
32 GB RAM 3200
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