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Hopefully I can find a solution to this issue. Yesterday I downloaded and installed updates to PowerDVD 17. I also downloaded and installed the BD Advisor, as well as changed the wallpaper in the program (probably doesn't matter, but mentioning it nonetheless).

Ever since doing that, when I try to watch a DVD/Blu-Ray, I get a 'Catastrophic Error' message. I've used PowerDVD for several years and have never had any issues until this happened. Any ideas for troubleshooting this issue? Could it be something with my computer needing an update itself? I'm attaching my DxDiag for reference.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I've been having the same problem also, I think I have it fixed now. I have several CyberLink products installed, Do you see the CyberLink Folders in My Documents? Don't Move Them, Don't Hide the Folders from view, and Don't customize the folder. Everytime I do a Backup of the System with Acronis True Image, I move the contents of My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, and My Video to another Drive temporarilly, then I Backup the system, Backups are smaller and if I have to reinstall a Backup, it takes less time. Then there is another method I use, any files or folders that I don't use, I will go to properties and hide them from view. Either method will result in "CyberLink PowerDVD XX does not support the playback of this media format". Uninstalling and reinstalling PowerDVD will not solve the problem in most cases. If you have a Blu-ray player and get a pop up saying something about AACS License Key Update and then a Catastrophic Failure error, more than likely the CyberLink Folders in My Documents have been tampered with or corrupted. From my own experience, this applies to PowerDVD12 and on up to PowerDVD19. Hope this helps!

Oh, buy the way since we are on the subject of PowerDVD errors. Having any problems with No Sound? Have you updated your Audio Drivers for your Motherboard? I use IOBit's Driver Booster, one of the best products i've ever used, I love it, but ever now and then I get a bad Driver, well, that's not Driver Boosters fault, you see, I have one of those computers that was custom built and I have to only use the Audio Drivers from the Motherboard Mfg. site, which in my case was GIGABYTE. Play it Safe, Don't update the Drivers unless you have to. Be sure to Backup your Drivers also, Driver Booster does that for you and ever lets you reinstall them.
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