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Quote Hello,

Looks to be working here. Can you access MoovieLive normally? Is it just for new movies, or your entire collection now?

Sharing a screenshot would also help.

PowerDVD Moderator

Thanks for getting back to me.

Access to MoovieLive appears to be available for some features but not for others. I can successfully use the "Change Matching Movie info" feature (although there is no "update" or "ok" button visible in that dialogue to execute any changes). In answer to your question, cast info appears for older movies in my collection but not for more recent ones. Clearly, something is blocking access to that data now.

Screen grab attached for a recent movie that I added.
I used to be able to see a movies cast details for each film but now only the name and a generic graphic appear where their picture should be. Anybody else run into this issue? It doesn't seem to be a firewall problem.

Two utilities that I use to write Metatags into my video (movie and TV show) files are the following:

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Another screen shot, this time of my TV (episodic series) library.
Quote My experience is that it organizes DVDs by folder name and videos by file name. I haven't seen that it uses Metadata at all.

PowerDVD 19 Ultra definitely does recognize metadata embedded in video files but it's inconsistant. Occasionally it will revert to the file name for no apparent reason. Meta Tags are much more powerful ways of organizing your library. Everything you need to know about a movie and how its placed in your library gets written into the file itself. PowerDVD doesn't appear to have fully implemented meta tags yet.

I've attached a screenshot of my library so you can see what I've done so far.
How To: Organise your movies with important meta tags
It would be wonderful if PowerDVD 19 Ultra supported sort metatags. That would make organizing the media library much easier.
Basically, what I'm looking for is which movie/TV metadata tags are being read by the PowerDVD database and how is that data being used and/or displayed in the Media Library?

I would love it if sort tags are supported. That would allow me to do all kinds of fancy things like group movies from a film franchise together and put movies together with sequals other than those with a common title (Toy Story 1, 2, 3, etc.).

Lastly, it would be wonderful if a rudimentary movie/TV file metadata editor were included in a future version of PowerDVD.
Thanks but I think we're talking about two different things. I don't rely on MoovieLive, I populate the movie information tags into the file container prior to placing them into the Movie Media Library. PowerDVD does seem to read metadata, just not very well. Sometimes it takes the name of the movie from the file name, other times from the metadata. But more importantly than that, I'm trying to get PowerDVD to organize my movies within the Library through the use of metadata. For example, two movies:

  • An Inconvienant Truth

  • An Inconvienant Sequel: Truth to Power

Reading the above file names (movie titles), PowerDVD will normally put them in alphabetical order in the library (The "Sequel" would be listed before the Original. Metatags allow (among other things) sorting based on alternative sequences so that the original will appear in the library before the sequel in the above example, as it should.

So, PowerDVD does read metadata tags but, it seems, imperfectly and there's no mention of it in the documentation.

Anyone else have any ideas?

Has anyone seen any guidance concerning the use of metadata to organize files in the movie/video media library? PowerDVD doesn't appear to consistantly organize the library based on entered metadata. It seems to work often but not always. What tags are recognized? Is there a list? I'm trying to do a really nice job of organizing my library based on movie title, film franchise (if applicable) and sort based on various other criteria.

Any ideas? I don't see anything in the user instructions about this.

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