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Quote UPDATE: This issue seems to only happen with a clean install, which is wiping your drive and starting over from scratch. If Win10 updates itself to 1903, so far it looks like PD17 will work normally.

I'm not sure how widespread this issue may be, but on my main editing PC I can't use PD17 after upgrading to the May 2019 update of Win10. For anyone else doing the 1903 upgrade, it's probably a good idea to see if PD can produce a video so you can roll back if there's a problem.

Here's a quick screen capture showing the crash, which is very similar to the "crash on produce" issue that came up last fall with new Intel video drivers, but I believe this has a different cause:

This issue happens consistently. I have tried with my nVidia RTX2070 enabled, then with my Intel UHD Graphics 630. I have tried nVidia v430.86 and 419.67 drivers, and with various combinations of hardware acceleration enabled and disabled, but I cannot keep PD17 from crashing. PD12, 13, 14 and ColorDirector 7 can all produce normally, so it's only PD17 with the issue. I can't say whether PD15 or 16 would be affected, however.

Before I knew there was an issue, I updated my Surface Pro 3 to Win10 1903 and everything went smoothly with an in-place install. PD17 works normally on it, and I've included the DxDiag from that machine in the attached archive for comparison.

My desktop wasn't able to do an in-place update. It kept rolling back due to a "DATA_MIGRATION" error when it reached about 89%, so I did a clean install from the ground up, and that's where the problem has appeared. In the screen recording, you can see that the faulting module is MSVCR100.dll.

The attached archive is mostly for Cyberlink. It contains the DxDiag results for my i9 when running 1809 (the Win10 version before the update) and the May 2019 update, 1903. I also created a debug log for PD17 using WinDbg (x64) on both Win10 versions doing the same basic steps as shown in the screen capture, and maybe these will help in the diagnostics.

I have gone back to a system image I made right before the update, and I can switch between OS versions in about 20 min if more troubleshooting is needed.

Support ticket is CS002028342

Same problem here, with Win 10 May 1903 Update. PowerDirector 17 365 is unusable. I tried drivers, full reinstall os Windows + PD17, enable/disable hardware, shadow files.. etc, and keeps failing.
Previous Windows version was 1803 and PD17 was stable.

My setups is Ryzen 2700X Nvidia 1080ti 32GB RAM.

CPU Usages is less than 5%. UI is lagged and crash. We need update from Cyberlink or Microsoft or both.
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