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Quote It's difficult to understand how a company with so much experience in the video editing software space could push out such a flawed product as the 365 version of PD18.

Personally, having worked with video editing software since the late seventies, when I purchase a domestic product of this nature, I always buy the full stand alone product, and keep the fully patched previous version of the stand alone product on my system because of the inevitable early bugs in the new version of the product. My PD18 Ultimate works fine, but I feel genuinely sorry for the folks who upgraded to the 365 version of PD18. Judging by the posts I've seen, this roll out seems to have been a total disaster. Did anybody at Cyberlink test this product before asking people to buy it? You expect bugs in any new release, but PD18 365 seems to have fundamental errors that should have been seen and addressed by the QA team?

I really hope that Cyberlink is working on a significant patch for this product. I can only imagine the frustration that some people must be feeling.

I sure hope there is. I've already signed up for Adobe Premiere and will ask for a refund from Cyberlink soon.
I have similar problems but apparently my .avi files that used to work on powerdirector 17 is no longer supported by the new version. I contacted customer support and first they gave me the roundabout, asking me to update my graphics card, etc. After multiple exchanges, they finally admit that my AVI file format is "MS Video" and that's why I can't import it...

Very dissapointed as their only solution to this is for me to convert all my videos to an MP4 format before importing them. What a joke.

Do you guys have any better ideas?
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