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Quote One thing about your screenshot. You have no audio waveform on track 1. The white ball for the volume levels are all at the bottom. It could be that the original audio were replaced by that modified from AudioDirector.

I had already prepared this screenshot earlier. 1. This clip shows no audio waveform like yours and the white balls for the audio level are at the bottom. 2. This condition is caused by moving the Audio slider off the center position to the left. 3. You can check to see if there is not a checkmark for Mute Clip. 4. Restore to Original Volume Level is grayed out on mine. This is because of #2 above otherwise you can click it as optodata suggest to fix it quickly.

Below are answers to the two questions that you just asked:
Click in the Browse window and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll to the right to see the entire path for the Autosave.

The top left of the AudioDirector screen has a Back button that you can click to bring the modified audio back to powerdirector or simply close it with the big X on the top right.

Ouuuuppss! I'm a reel rookie! You're right! The audio slider was off! I can't understand what happen. But at least, everything is back on track!

I feel good! I thought I have lost 10-12 hours of splitting, choosing, adding music. I lost the setting of the sound (I reduce the volume of the original track on order to silent the wind), but that's nothing compare to redo all the work.

Thank's for your help Tomasc! Have a beer! ;
Ok, other findings!

If I go in AudioDirector and modify the audio file, when I go back in PowerDirector, AudioDirector copy the audio file in th media area.

Than if I click on this audio file, I can play it in PD as a kind of preview. There, I can hear the sound. If I take that audio file and put it the channel 1, I don't hear it anymore.

Now, if I put that file in the audio channel 2, than I can hear the sound of my original track!!! Oufff! What a challenge!!!

No, I'm still not satisfied! Because, I can't mix the original track with the music I'm adding to the video.

I went further, I tried with the audio on channel 3... Yep! I can still hear the sound. Wow, not so bad for a rookie!!

I pushed my luck further more. I split the image and the sound on channel 1. I took the sound from channel one to channel 3. What happened? Yes, the sound is there when on channel 3.

Last test, if i take the sound on channel 3 to put it back on channel 1, than the sound is lost again.

Conclusion, channel 1 sound seems locked. Someone know why it is lock? How can I unlock it?


Two ideas. First, rght click on one of the clips on track 1, then choose Restore original volume level. If something went wrong in the mixing room, doing this step on all your main clips should bring back the sound.

Another option is to see if PD14 has been auto-saving your projects. Check to see if this box is checked, then go to the specified folder to see if you can find a saved version from just before the problem started:

The «Restore original volume level» do not change anything. PD14 has the auto save, but I can't find where the files are.

I post another message which prbably cross your's. I think the trail will be with AudioDirector where I can hear the original sound. How can I bring it back in PowerDirector??


If all your videos are on track 1 then check to see if there is a checkmark on the left side for the track 1 audio. The mixing room audio slider for that track may be accidently moved to the left from the center position. That could easily be missed.

Good finding on my side. I found that AudioDirector has the sound. I didn't tried anything (modifying or what else). Eventhough I hear the track in Audio Director, swaping from one to the other do not restore the sound in PowerDirector.

Any clue what I can try without loosing the data? (Yes!, I will make a back-up!)


If all your videos are on track 1 then check to see if there is a checkmark on the left side for the track 1 audio. The mixing room audio slider for that track may be accidently moved to the left from the center position. That could easily be missed.

Unfortunately, the check is there. I've done a printscreen. As you can see all dot sound level are there as it should, but I can't raise them up.

Today, I made a test DVD with another file. Everything went ok, except a failure at the first time. I think because I didn't put the DVD soon enough so the software didn't detect it.

I remember yesterday, I tried to use the audio mixing room (F9). My problem is it related to that??? One thing is sure, all the sound levels were ok at the revision before I launch the DVD production.

Any other thing to check? I just want to be sure that I don't repeat the same problem. For sure I will make back-up from now on.

Hi everyone!

I'm not an expert with PowerDirector 14, but I already produce few video (cut, merge, add second sound track, etc.), so not totaly a rookie.

Today, I tried to make a longer than usual one. Well, today I worked to a music to the original footage. The lenght of the video is approximately 30 minutes. All the cut were already made; something like 30 pieces (cuts) of original footage.

Everything was working before I start the final step, adding the music. Meaning, reducing the sound level of the original tracks and adding the music at some place.

I've been able to ajust all the sound levels as I wish without any problem. Than, I create a DVD. Everything worked again except one thing, I lost the sounds of the original footage; only the music has been put on the DVD.

I thought it was the DVD conversion the problem. So I tried to create a QuickTime file as per I was doing in the past without checking anything else. Once the operation completed, I tried to look at the video. Hughh! like on the DVD, the sound of the original footage was also lost on the QuickTime version.

After that constation, I reopen the project of this production. Than I realise that all the cuts of the original footages have lost their sound.

Someone has an idea what have may happen? Is there a way to solve this situation?

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