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I have now cleared this problem. I deleted the application and also a number of files with “CyberLink” in the filename - this seems to have done the trick.

regards, Richard
Quote Hello Richard and kiol,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

That would be an annoying issue, & one I think the team at CyberLink would want to investigate and correct.

Would it be possible to create a quick screen capture illustrating the problem, so I can refer it to them.

As you can see in this unlisted screen capture, the Windows version is not so afflicted.


Hi, I still have this problem. I don’t know if you’ve managed to find an answer, any information would be helpful.

I have referred the problem to Customer Support, who have requested information about my iMac, and I have re-installed the software with no effect.

if anyone else still has this problem it may be helpful to report it to Customer Support as well.

regards, Richard
HI thanks for your reply.

Attached is a screen recording which hopefully makes the problem clear. It's as if the whole screen is a few millimeters below where it should be for the cursor. At the bottom you may be able to see where command buttons are cut off.

Thanks again for your help - I'm happy to provide any further information necessary.

Regards, Richard
I have recently started using Photo Director on my iMac, and have found a problem, that in order to select an item or command on the screen, I have to posiition the mouse cursor just above the item, not directly on it.

I have never found this with any other application - it may seem trivial but it's actually very frustrating, particularly when the text is quite small and there are a number of items to choose from, it seriously disrupts my workflow.

Does anyone else have this problem, and is there anything I can do to correct it?

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