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Is it just me, or PowerDVD has no way to display the actual movie or TV show name instead of the File name in its media library ? If I compare its feature to Plex or Kodi, it does feel a lot underpowered.

Any suggestions if I want to keep PowerDVD nice playback options while still having a good media library ?

Thanks !
Quote Oh, well PowerDVD will let you use two subtitle files during playback. I just tested it again and after starting palyback, I right click on the video, selected "Primary Subtitles", and then choosed my first subtitle file. I then right-clicked again and select "Secondary Subtitles" and then selected the other subtitle file.

PowerDVD doesn't burn video though, if this is your primary question.


Indeed, I know that if I would like to watch my video on PowerDVD it would work by selecting an external (or internal) subtitle track. But since I intend to show this video with captions on a Bluray player, I need a solution which would allow me to burn a video bluray AND include the subtitle track on it. I do not unserstand why it’s not a basic feature... -_-.
Quote No, Power2Go cannot burn subtitles to discs. This is something you need PowerDirector for, which I believe can only burn one subtitle track from what I know of.


hm, thank you. Do you know of any other software who would allow me to burn more than one subtitle/sound track? I have PowerDVD and Power2Go at the moment but it seems these two do not suffice for what I had in mind :-/.

Thank you,
Hello !

I want to know if subtitles from my source mkv file will be added to my video disc (bluray) while burning with Power2Go ? I have two subtitles tracks and 4 sound tracks. Thanks !
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