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Hi Everyone:

Hope you can help as an issue arrived out of nowhere.

Have had a new Windows 10 computer for the past three months and every program has worked flawlessly.

This morning out of nowhere if I play any video file/format the video plays perfectly but there is no sound at all.

If I play an audio only file it plays the sound without issue.

When I start to play the Videos I am not muted either on the bottom task bar of the computer or the option on Cyberlink.

Anti-Virus is run everyday and all is fine. There were no Windows updates the past week (Which often change settings).

All other programs working perfectly.

Please help!

Thanks so much and be well,
Hi David:

As mentioned in the post above, the two second gap is added no matter what is transpiring.

If I play a file of 10 songs already recorded two second gaps are added even though there are no gaps to begin with. To make it easier:: You have a band and gave me either a Flash Drive, Download, or CD (Already recorded) of your music. It is ten songs. No gaps appear between them and the file is now opened called "Dave's Band." The ten songs get loaded up in Power Media and one plays after the other but adds two second pauses between the tracks. Scenario number 1.

Scenario number 2. I record a CD (Not using Power Media) and choose no gaps.

I put the CD in the computer and open Power Media. When it plays it puts gaps between songs.

Any situation two seconds of silence appears between tracks even if they are not recorded that way from the master source.

All I am trying to do is play a file/CD continuously with no gaps since they did not have any to begin with.

Thank you for your time and have the best of Tuesday's.

Happy New Year,
Hi All and Happy New Year:

I have Windows 10 with Power Media 14 and it has been flawless but there is one issue I hope you can give me a setting
adjustment and or a work-around.

When I play a pre-recorded CD (Even though it was produced with no gaps between songs) or a file from the computer each time
a track ends there is a 2 second gap before the next one begins.

It isn't terrible if it is a studio recording (Still prefer to have it as playing with no gaps) but when you are listening to a live
release the gaps between the songs detroy the continuity.

Is there some way to remove any gaps between songs? I have never experienced this before in any playback medium. I have seen
it obviously if somebody records a CD with the gaps between songs but not if they flow without separation.

Thank you for your help and expertise,

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