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Quote If your GPU is such a new model that released not longer than 2 years with full Windows 10 compatibility, and the condition happens only with certain DVDs, I will try other DVD drives, which is from different manufacturer, to give it a shot.

There are always many compatibiltiy issues between software player and disc drive.
And, open sourced free player can work around the issue very freely with less compatibility concerns comparing to a commercial player.

e.g. VLC versus Windows Media Player (Movies & TV on Windows 10).

I know some guys might have the preference to buy new disc drives from the same vendor or same brand, and there are many old models (not-used, and still newly packed) ODD sold especially on Amazon.

But, most of them are pretty old models and have no firmware maintenance (compatibility updates) from hardware manufacturers for many years.
e.g. Bankrupted TSST (Toshiba-Samsung union), many slim type drives that shipped with no well-packed box for laptops.
Yeah, my GPU is part of the CPU, intigrated video. this after all is a windows 10 preinstalled Dell laptop. But it only happens on some DVDs, on others it wont get past a FBI warning screen or even a blackscreen, but on some dvds it fires up without issue. I know its not the drive, I tried my external, same issue occuredblack screen or stuck at FBI warning screen with no way to get to the Root Menu or even pick a chapter or title. Only a scant few DVDs will let me actually get to another title qwhen astuck at that 3second {AKA endless} black screen. But once I am past that screen issue on some DVDs, the DVD plays without any issue whatsoever

The issue is getting past that point, I am not sure if intel still supports the HD Graphics 5500 series though, could it be a driver issue ?
PowerDVD staerts up as expected, detects the desired drive just fine, But the second I hit PLAY, it goes to black screen on a new DVD, but will resume on any other DVD, On some DVDs it fires right up on hitting play without issue of any kind, otherwise its a black screen with no menus, nothing working whatsoever

Is there a fix ?

EDIT: Yes I did run the update to the latest version of PowerDVD 18 Ultra. This did NOT help whatsoever

Step by step work arounds that worked

1Windows Media Player I do not use for DVD playback, {its very buggy for me} so I fired up VLC Media Player, and lo and behold the movie fired right up, no issues no black screen upon hitting blay, nothing. Fired right up to the main DVD menu.

The movies I tested are Back to the Future trilogy, Part 1 fired right up in PowerDVD 18 upon hitting play, no issues, Part 2 had black screen issue when hitting play and would not pass the first 3 seconds whatsoever, fired right up in VLC with no issue whatsoever upon hitting play, Part 3 fired up in PowerDVD upon hitting play.

Other movie tried in PowerDVD 18 had been watched before,m however being stupid I accidently hit restart instead of resume and now the movie wont get past the inital FBI warning screen, {first it stutters badly then hangs and wont go anywhere}

It was at this point I did the update to the software

The issue even with the software update, STILL happens

At this point I tried a different movie {TV series}, fired right up in PowerDVD 18 upon hitting play with no issues.

Now, I know its not my drive, thing is brand new. SDoftware too is brand new. So why is this happening only on some movies but not on others ?
Quote Hi,
Yes you can do that. Just be aware that there is a limited number of times you can activate the software. But this shouldn't be a problem at all if you install it on your PC now, and then use the key to install it on the new computer in a year or so.


Oh good, thank you! I still have my old copy of PowerDVD5 on my old laptop befvore my sound issues on that machine started, then the same sound issues {though this time software related} occured and I had to end up using the demo of PowerDVD18

This helps ease my mind, I was only able to migrate the software {PowerDVD5} 6 times each to a new machine in order {desktop to laptop to my last machine} So to be able to do this with the most recent version of the software is wonderful.


What is the limited number of installs on a single PowerDVD18 Ultra license ? I am guessing 5 or 6 ?
My main thing is, yes I plan on buying a phyisical copy of PowerDVD18 Ultra off Amazon brand new. But my question stems fro mthe fact that it is a SINGLE license, is it possible to move said license to a new computer down the road ? {I plan on getting a new machine at some point either late next year or the winter/spring of 2020}

If/when {more like when} I get my new laptop/desk top, is it possible to move the software off one machine to the other ? Or am I stuck with it on one machine only ?
I had to do a full system refresh, in doing so Cyberlink Media Suite got messed with, I had PowerDVD12 full edition running fine, never thought to register the product either.

Now it wont open, or update, at all. What do I do ?

System info:
OS Windows 10 Home
Itel i3 2.10GHz CPU
8GB ram

NOTE: I tried going through the Windows.old folder to get thje program, NORMALLY it worked for me on old machines {I still have PowerDVD5!!}

I want to watch movies using Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 like I was the last few months now. It was the full version and updated to the latest possibel update. {I'm not really fond of blueray movies so those arent the issue.}

If there is a proper {IE legal} full way to get the software back and working please let me know. I love this software and wouldnt trade it for the world

EDIT TO ADD: For the moment I will use VLC until I can reinstall PowerDVD 12
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