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Above is the link to the youtube video I posted I shows me first clicking and playing the clip right before the transition (where the video/audio delay occurs) and than when I click right after the transition, the clip plays correctly.

Steps I have attempted (and failed)

  • Changing the transition from overlap to cross, from cross to overlap

  • removing the transition entirely

  • removing the clip entirely and reuploading and reinserting

  • restoring the clip right before the "clips-with-the-issues" to it's original form

I have now exhausted my limited knowlege of this program. I don't know what else to do. I went ahead and published the video to check and see if the kink was just the "view" but no, the delay was in the final product. Please let me know what you think.
There appears to be a glitch when I add a transition to a clip, the proceeding audio does not line up to the video clip. This is the first time I have had this problem. I wonder if it could related to the temp fix I installed for the "Crash when you click Produce" problem. THe issue is not with every transition. It seems like about 4 clips but I have done intense editing and it would be difficult to remove and try again. Can anyone give me suggestions? Thank you!
Crisis Averted!!!! This Temp Fix has restored my faith in Humanity... Thank you
Good Morning. From the Senior Contributor, you suggest that I use another computer. Since my editing is already completed, how do you go about transfering such a "massive" file (or document since that's what it's saved under)? Is it really that simple? I have 1 other computer in my home. So, I could try what you're suggesting. Is it just a matter of saving the project on a drive and just transfering it to my other computer and than downloading Powerdirector there??
After putting in my support ticket, I recieved a reply instructing me to try several general things to test if they would restore system or make sure my computer is adaquete. I followed all the instructions given and it still crashes. I attached the DXdiag report and some other files (as they requested) in hopes that they will quickly resolve this issue. That was 2 days ago. Perhaps they don't tackle support issues on the weekend... I'm pretty stressed right now.

Support Ticket: CS001945842
My support Ticket #: CS001945734
After viewing your video and reading all of the commentary, I would like to add that I am experiencing the exact same problem.

Everytime I click Produce, Powerdirector simply closes. In addition, I restarted my computer, applied the patch/update, and I uninstalled and reinstalled Cyberlink Powerdirector 16. I also opened and tried several different project big and small and others that I have already produced. Nothing worked.

I really needed this video produced tonight. Please let me know if there are other ways to fix this problem!! Thank you.
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