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I've been using PD17 since it came out. I've been on this same computer since January with zero issues, even with 4K and 360 videos. I first noticed the issue yesterday when I zoomed in on a 4K video from my drone, which I wrote off as my drone is new and it's a 4K at 120Mbs and thought that was the issue. But today I'm doing a simple 1080p30fps from my DSLR that I"ve done a hundered times and it is at 45 mins and 66% rendering for a 4 minute video, with only a simple cut at the beggining, nothing else. I've done 10 minute videos in minutes from this camera with color correction, sound added, etc... Anyone else have this issue? I have a pretty good system that's never had issues and I was gaming last night with zero issues at all. No overheating issues, no major updates, nothing installed in the last week, same hard drive I always use to do this stuff, nothing has changed. I did update my video drivers today and the problem still exists. I am going to try and run Fusion studio and see if it's laggy as well to isolate software vs hardware, but I figured I'd see if anyone else had any issues.

On a side note my Verification code to post this is R4ge... Lol luckily I'm a calm person.

CPU: Intel i7-4770
Windows 10
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti(I know my weak spot)...
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