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how did you try to burn the video folder? were you tring to burn to a DVD video disc?

No used only blu ray mode. What I find is a disparity between the displayed size of folders for blu ray and it yielding much smaller. Oddly when I indicate " smartfit" but a much large disc it will yield a larger file like 9-19 gig with usual bdmv folders.
May be source files made with Applian video capture or a windows update.
Setting for Blu ray author app to burn to folder~12-20 gigs based on input defaultng but only 4 gigs.
I have reload P2G 12 several times. Used V 11 up until recently but have notice that if I input mpeg or mp4 say 40 gig and use "Smartfit" or use less than disc size the then try to burn to folders it forces a size much smaller like 4gigs as though defaulting to DVD size. V 11 ran well for awhile but started doind same. I create some of the video using APPLIAN video capture and media capture program. Not sure why this changed. Would like to use program to put more than 4 hours of less resolution video on Blu ray.
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