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I started power2go 11 this morning, but it never really starts. I downloaded the downloader, which downloaded a patch, which I finally got to actually run. That didn't solve my problem though, I got a slightly different logo / ad to "try" 12 that flashes onscreen and vanishes, but the process just sits in task manager and I get nothing else, same as before.

Anyone else seeing this? Should I just reinstall? I recall installing was big, I'm not sure where my string for the install is, and as I recall I had to get some sort of half-supported sdk to boot from MS just to run the software. Not looking forward to that again.

I put a question into support, but I can't even update the support question to say I figured out the patch install problem on my own.

Anything that lets me avoid a new software saga is most welcome.
I just had this problem. I had to explicitely run the patch as as admin ( rightclick / run as administrator ) to get by the error message. Updating doesn't seem to have fixed my actual problem, though.
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