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hi thanks ,i managed to upload to you tube then share to respective pages,however the video once uploaded to youtube needed further re edits as it played upside down and even when i flipped it it was in mirror reverse ? i need the MOV files because i supply photos to istock getty images but wanted to also start videos with them but they only accept MOV ,
Hi i have power director 12 that was built into the windows ten pc i purchased as new,i want to upgrade BUT before shelling out cash on upgrading why is it i can not save files as MOV files or upload them to social media ? i produce music professionally i am a certified istock photographer and i run a creative filming business BUT it is easy to use power director for quick jobs however iam unable to upload videos i edit to facebook,twitter or youtube because i cannot save them as MOV files and there are no other options where files go to what am i doing wrong ? or is it a case i need to upgrade ,if i did upgradse would i have options to save and share files ?
i first produced the clip i want to share in mpeg4 which started to upload to twitter but then twitter said that there wasnt any recognised authorization or codes or similar to that,i do have a imovie and a whole host of other editing suites but i actually prefere the inrerface and ease of power director all except saving and sharing what i make .please note i own all videos and audio iam refering to can anyone help me please ?thankyou
Quote Perhaps this question is in the wrong part of the forum. Since you used Power Director, please repost this message in the proper version of Power Director. Also note if it is a purchased version or a version that came with a piece of hardware (an OEM version).

Where are you trying to upload your video? Does it contain any copy protected material?

Again, repost this im the correct section of the forum and answer these questions along with what you already posted (copy and Paste).
Hi ,how can i upload the videos i created in powerdirector to social media when the exporting files are not supported or recognised on any platform,i tried saving after producing to mp4 which started uploading but then on platform error message saying there is null and cannot locate ownership codes,
i have not paid for the extended version yet is that why ?or will i still have no way to easily save into MOV or recognisable video files like the problem im having now,i must say as easy as the programme is i think this part is spectaculary difficult lol
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