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Fellow GoPro user here, if you don't mind... if you find a stable solution...please reply and share. Thank you.

Hi 2dguy, I haven't found an easy way to do this yet.

The 2nd link provided by the moderator suggests to use the low-res LRV files to do all editing, then switch with the full-res files just before producing (rendering) the final product. I guess this could work but I don't think it's ideal.

I have a feeling that PowerDirector keeps its own database on the shadow files it creates and without me accessing this data it will never know that I already have low-res files it can use.

It would be so useful if PowerDirector would just recognise LRV files and use them, it would save me at least an hour.
Is there any way to use GoPro's LRV files as Shadow files in PowerDirector?

I got this idea reading about DaVinci Resolve. So the GoPro automatically generates low res shadow files, called LRV files. They're just small MP4 files. I renamed them to match how PowerDirector names its shadow files and put them in the ShadowEditFiles folder, then added my media to a new project.

But it didn't work, PowerDirector still made its own shadow files (with exactly the same names) and overwrote the ones I placed.

So the theory is, PowerDirector will already have the shadow files without needing to render them, saving me hours. Is there a way to do this? Or if CyberLink's reading this, could you add this feature somehow? Thanks.
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