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Quote I realize this forum says YouCam, but PerfectCam doesn't have its own forum and I only stumbled upon PerfectCam when I was downloading YouCam. Let me start with saying that I love PerfectCam; Cyberlink has done a wonderful job with that program.

My suggestion is to add "face slimming". I know a lot of women who have puffier cheeks, more skin under their jaw, or just want to feel more comfortable with that option. This is also for skinny young women and even some average sized older women, so don't anybody turn this into a fat-shaming thing.

The reason I am suggesting this is because on most Galaxy phones now, "beauty mode" can be enabled that slims the face (on an adjustable scale) along with skin smoothing (also adjustable) that handles videos/pictures in real time. Cyberlink has already done an amazing job with makeup and skin smoothing, the only thing that would this over the top is adding that feature.

Thanks for reading!

Hi there! I am glad you asked a question because I literally just purchased this product, along with the new Youcam of course. Another feature? Let us use PerfectCam for just doing videos - not video chat.

About to post big news via video and really don't want to do my makeup.
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