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Using P2G 8 on Windows 10 (upgraded from 8.1) HP laptop burning music to Maxell CD-Rs. I have done this successfully prior to my hard drive crash. Restored to new hard drive using recovery thumb drive (which was 8.1 when created), upgraded to Win 10 (again!), and restored external backup.

Now trying to burn audio CDs and P2G proceeds to apparent success, but CD is blank. Technically, same software and same CDs as in the past when it was successful.

I have tried:

  1. lowering burn rate from 24x to 10x

  2. burning data disc instead of audio

  3. burning using Windows Media Player, and from File Explorer

  4. downloading and installing available update for P2G 8 from Cyberlink website

  5. screaming obscenities at top of lungs

  6. burning while cat on lap (this helps me, but burn still fails)

All above brought no joy, beyond the comfort of my cat.

Windows recognizes disc after failed "successful" burn, and when I insert that same CD and try to view it in Explorer screen, Windows asks if I want to use this CD like a USB flash drive, or with a CD/DVD player. That is, it sees the CD as blank and usable.

CD player plays prerecorded CDs, including my Maxell CDs I burned back when it worked.

I am attaching DxDiag.txt and P2GoLog.txt, log file after "successful" burn that didn't work.

From About screen:
SR # P2G 160511-09
Licensed for HP

As per #3 above, it appears it's hardware not software, but - - - I am bedeviled using to locate firmware updates or anything to might help there. So, I figured I'd at least share here in hopes someone might have some thoughts.

Thanks for any ideas.
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