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Quote For your first question, it seems likely to me that something's gone wrong with your last project's source files, or maybe with the temporary files that PD was expecting to use. Try opening a different project by double clicking on it in File Explorer.

If PD opens successfully, go to the Settings menu, click on the Manually Delete button and select all temporary clips. Delete them and then create a new project and exit PD. This will ensure that none of your current projects will be in use when you restart PD.

Then try reopening your original project and see if it opens normally.

If you can't get PD to open at all, make sure you have the original installer program, then uninstall PD16. Keep the personal settings, if prompted, and then reinstsall PD16 and then apply the latest patch from this page. Change the location at teh top right of the page if you're not in the US.

If you don't have the original installer, you'll need to contact Cyberlink with proof of purchase to have them send you a new installer. More details are in the FAQs.

For your second question, PD18 (and all future versions) are able to open up projects made with any earlier version of PD, but once the project is saved in the newer editor, the older editor will not be able to open the project. Be sure to use Save As if you keep the older editor installed and want to use it with those projects again.

Thanks, that was all very helpful. Now it’s only the one pds project file that I’ve been working on for months that doesn’t respond. Any way to fix it?
After a two-week absence from my computer, my PowerDirector 16 has inexplicably become inoperable. Before the home screen can load the last project, there is an error message saying: Project (Not Responding). Then the whole program crashes.
Has anyone else experienced this? Could it have anything to do with my recently updated Windows 10?
Second question: if I need to upgrade to PD 18, can I still access my pds files created with the PD 16?
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