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Quote Did you try setting the starting point using the 360º Start View Setting tool before producing? It's located under the Tools button just above the timeline when the clip is selected.

Thank you for your replay!
I tried it now, but unfortunately it did not help.
I bought PD16 just to be able to add extra stabilization to my 360 videos, but it does not seem to work without destroying the horizontal alignment.

But I don't understand why...

Have to try over and over again until I find the bug - or how to avoid it.

If I do, I will upload the solution in this thread.


Ulf Brusquini
I shot some videos with my MiShere a week ago.
I stitched the videos with the MiSphere software.
I used Gyro for stabilization and horizon.
Everything looks fine, but I wanted to stabilize the videos just a little bit more, and imported them into PD16.

In Edit mode everything looks just fine.
in Produce mode everything looks fine playing the video.
When rendering, some of the clips (that GOT the horizon right) PD16 makes the horizon goes wild.

Anyone recognize this issue and knows hos to fix it?

Ulf Brusquini
Quote I have never used that feature dure to lack of 3D footage...
But in the Produce section there are four tabs:

Standard 2D

Choose 3D?


Hello Hatti!
Yes, for normal videos this function works and we can output SBS or anaglyph 3D video.
But I don't find the same thing for 360 video...
Maby they add the function soon

websiteee, ynotfish and stevek
Hi again!
I bought the software suit ($79) and it works real good.
It imports all videoformat I've tried.
So far so good...
I have a question that maby one of you that's been using it for a while can answer:
It recognizes 3D Top/bottom videos (Vuze), I can import them and even see the video as a TB video in the window.
It also say's that PowerDirector can output/render 3D videos (after fixing this and that) and that I somwhere can choose between 3D and 2D...but I can't find that choise.
So when I render the video, it comes out as a 2D (left window) video???
Anyone knows how to render out TB videos from PowerDirector?
Quote In trail version, you get the limited option. To use the advanced version you need to buy it.
websiteee! Yes, thanks I will do that! Managed to import .mov and normal.mp4 and test the stabilization and it looks promising. I can't find a way to level the horisont, though - just rotating.
Quote Hi Ulf57 -

Steve's almost certainly right - it's a limitation of the trial version. See here under Product Information.

The Xiaomi 360 records at 3456 x 1728 @ 30fps (40mbps or 55 mbps), 2304 x 1152 @ 60fps or 2048 x 512 @ 120fps (Bullet time), which put's it in the 2K-4K range.

I couldn't find an original sample clip to test, but I'd be confident it'd be compatible with the full version of PDR16.

Cheers - Tony

ynotfish Thanks for the information! I'll follow STEVEK's advice and buy the full version.
Quote It should if the mp4 files are not H264,

Here are the limitations:

30-day trial version
Limited template pack NewBlue effect pack limited to 10 effects
Does not include CyberLink WaveEditor
Importing and producing H.264 video files is only supported on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 systems or hardware platforms offering independent H.264 encoding and decoding
Watermark appears at the beginning of produced videos (5 seconds) 2K/4K resolution H.264 video files are not supported Importing and producing H.265 video files is not available.

What kind of mp4 files are they?

You may want to buy the full version and return it within 30 days if it doesn't work for you.

STEVEK Thanks for the information. I think I follow your advice and buy the full version!
I downloaded the trial version of PowerDirector 16 ultra to test the stabilization option.
But I can't import any videos (stitched MP4 from the Xiaomi 360 cam)?
I get a message that says that I can't with this version of the software?
Is this normal with the trial version?

Thankful for answers.

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