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I have been using YouCam5 with my HP Envy Laptop (Windows 8 > 8.1 >10 Home) for a few years now but a few days ago the integrated webcam above the display stopped working. I only noticed it when I tried to respond to a relative making skype video call. Skype does not detect a camera in the video settings.

I purchased an external USB connected webcam because I thought the integrated webcam was faulty or had somehow become disconnected (a common problem apparently) but this was also not being recognised.

I have done all the actions recommended but still have the problem.

Today I downloaded the trial version of YouCam7 + Perfect Cam. I still cannot get my webcam to start when I launch YouCam5 or YouCam7 but when I launch Perfect Cam the webcam comes on and I get a picture of myself (with the logon panel superimposed).

So my integrated webcam must still be connected ok .

Any suggestions as to what the problem might be??
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