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Quick question...

When casting a video from PC to FireTV I understand (and see), that True Theater video enhancements are added to streamed video.

With regards to audio, are the True Theater enhancements also added?
I think I read that multichannel audio is reduced to stereo but does it also have the True Theater enhancement applied?

Quote Am also facing same issue, powerdvd18 audio no cracking, but povwerdvd19 annoying cracking

I have same experience with powerdvd 18. When loud sound effect I get crackle sound.
True, if I turn off True Theater Audio then no crackle but then why use powerdvd?
I know that when you first scan in a folder with movies that they are automatically identified. Or, at least an attempt is made.

If I try and change a movie cover by right click, it doesn't save my choice and many times loads the info for a movie other than the one I was editing....

Being able to choose local cover art used to work and using v17 it does not work now so I tried v18.... no luck.

It seems like some sort of database problem and I would like to see if there is a fix, or workaround.

Also would be nice to have TMDB as a scraping option.
I see that Cyberlink sells a remote to use with PowerDVD.

My question is:

Will this remote let you access bluray top menu and do the navigation/playback keys work while watching a movie?

I ask because the MCE remote I am using now is very limited with what can be done and the playback navigation buttons do not work. I don't really want to use another app to send keystrokes, nor want to use my phone as my HTPC is wired not wireless.

I rip all my discs to an ISO files and store them on an external drive.

I use PowerDVD to browse through them.

Thanks in advance!
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