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Hi I am using PowerDVD 17.03605.62. When watching a ripped BluRay I accidentally pressed some key on my remote control and an information box launched on screen over the video, and I cannot make it go away. It contains technical information of the video stream being played as far as I can tell. I cannot figure out how/where to disable this box. Please help!
Hi, I am new to PowerDVD, just downloded POWER DVD17 Ultimate full version a few hours ago. Seems OK so far, but not as good as I'd hoped. I am using it as an external player for my KODI-based media set-up, because of its ability to play ripped blurays like they are intended to be played, with original menu etc :

One issue I have come across, it seems like Power DVD, even in TV mode, is not really made for use as a full and serious home theatre player, i.e. played on a big screen and controlled via a (universal remote) only? Its seems to require obscure computer keyboard key press combinations and a mouse for even fairly basic functionality?! So made for use on laptops primarily? I am thinking of the ability to switch on subtitles while a video is playing (control+G) or closing PowerDVD entirely (seems to require the use of a mouse to hit the X in the upper right hand corner). Without this I am unable to revert to KODI after a movie has finished, and I have to physically push the on/off button on the HTPC to have it restart without PowerDVD. This is very disappointing.

However, I am sure I am not the first person to be frustrated by this, so I guess there must be some clever work arounds out there??

Hope someone can help :


PS I wouldn't mind help with Ctrl+P (Playback menu) and Ctrl+N Minimize either...
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