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New to PowerDVD - Problems with use of remote control
chrgroth [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Sep 22, 2017 13:34 Messages: 2 Offline
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Hi, I am new to PowerDVD, just downloded POWER DVD17 Ultimate full version a few hours ago. Seems OK so far, but not as good as I'd hoped. I am using it as an external player for my KODI-based media set-up, because of its ability to play ripped blurays like they are intended to be played, with original menu etc :

One issue I have come across, it seems like Power DVD, even in TV mode, is not really made for use as a full and serious home theatre player, i.e. played on a big screen and controlled via a (universal remote) only? Its seems to require obscure computer keyboard key press combinations and a mouse for even fairly basic functionality?! So made for use on laptops primarily? I am thinking of the ability to switch on subtitles while a video is playing (control+G) or closing PowerDVD entirely (seems to require the use of a mouse to hit the X in the upper right hand corner). Without this I am unable to revert to KODI after a movie has finished, and I have to physically push the on/off button on the HTPC to have it restart without PowerDVD. This is very disappointing.

However, I am sure I am not the first person to be frustrated by this, so I guess there must be some clever work arounds out there??

Hope someone can help :


PS I wouldn't mind help with Ctrl+P (Playback menu) and Ctrl+N Minimize either...
QC2.0 [Avatar]
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I think that there are many remote controllers made by different vendors, and they may ship with certain bundle devices.
Perhaps, the basic media keys: play/pause/fast forward/rewind, or something like that might work well.
But, the other buttons may or may not work. It leaves to how remote controller vendor configured themselves.

If you have a programmable remote controller that capable to customize each button's command with PC keyboard hotkeys combinations, you can customize the hotkey combinations on each button, and operate those playback controls on any software player not limited to powerdvd.

I don't know if there is one customizable/programmable remote controller existing on the market.
You can study on the Internet if you really wanna do it.
It may not be easy.
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