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Quote I think you can use "Record" button to record the video + ppt to be a local file store in PC.

Hi SumerJ - your answer got me back looking at options and while it wasn't clear from your note how to do it I was encouraged again that it is possible - and it is! There is a small settings icon on the top bar. After clicking that you can click the second icon from the left which is the one for capture of images. In there is the destination folder where the video is stored on the computer. If you can dig deep enough into the file tree you can find it. I made it easy on myself and just changed the folder to a desk top one that I created for the purpose. Be sure to press "OK" at the bottom or it doesn't apply the changes. Thanks for your help.
Hi, I was very excited to see the great quality option for doing a video with my powerpoint presntations. The share button includes email, FB and You Tube. Is it possible to export the video file to my computer? A file will be too big to email to another address where it could be downloaded. Can anyone help me here? Thanks
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