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Quote Hi there. This is a user forum and the people you're trying to reach probably won't see your post here. The best way to reach them is to go to Settings > FAQ and Send Feedback in the app to request that waveforms be visible.

Okay thank you
I use PowerDirector Mobile on my phone sometimes to make Tik Toks (Yes I am one of those that got sucked into the rabbit hole) I am the type of editor, not just for making Tik Toks but just videos and editing in general, to use the audio waveforms to get a more precise edit. It is harder for me to edit when I can't see where I have sound. I am not trying to be a Karen but PLEASE add audio waveforms to our imported footage. The footage that is placed on the first track. I would highly appreciate this! Please!
Hi! So in the mobile version on Powerdirector, When you input a clip to your timeline on the top layer (also known as A-Roll) it doesn't show the audio waveforms. Is there a way to turn this feature on? I am someone who edits using the audio waves, and the "dupe" way of doing it is dragging the same clip in the other layers so it creates audio waves, then when you trim the clip you have to trim both events to keep them aligned. Could I maybe suggest them adding this feature? Even if the waves have to be tiny just please put them there. I am not trying to sound like a hater if that is how it is coming off.
Quote The easiest way I can think of at the moment is to use an image program and make the coffee cup have an extended left side of the background on track 3. That should work.

Okay Thanks!
Quote Try this: Background in track 1, Title in track 2 with effects, coffee cup in track 3.

That's what I have but if I do the keyframe for the text, I don't want the text to be seen from the left of the cup i want it to just look like its coming out from behind the cup I don't know if that makes sense but that's the best way I can describe it. I even was trying to play around with the masks and still couldn't do it
Hello! So I'm trying to make an intro for my YouTube channel, and in the photo attached, how do I make it look like my name is coming out from behind the coffee cup and slide to the right Thanks in advance!
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