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Quote I haven't tested this, but I'm pretty sure that the tag data is all stored in the main project file (.PHD).

If you open PhD on your original computer, go to File | Open Project... and you should see the current file. Copy that to the appropriate folder on your laptop (you may want to rename the existing file first).

Also, the original folder will be something like \Pictures\PhotoDirector\9.0\user name and your new folder will be something like \Pictures\PhotoDirector\11.0\user name

It's critical that you also copy all of the images onto your new laptop, or make sure they're accessable from the same external drive so that PhD11 can find them. You'll need to browse for them when you reopen Phd11 if they're not in the exact same location.

You can also use a networked drive for shared storage, but it has to be assigned a drive letter (like H:\) for PhD to work properly.

Apologies, I got my software mixed up. It was the Face Tagging in Media Show 6 I was referring to. In the end I managed to get it to work by copying the entire MediaShow6 directory in AppData/Local from my old laptop to the new one.

Thanks for trying anyway.
I've just bought a new pc and I've installed PhotoDirector 11 onto it. Is there away of transferring the Face Tag data from the Photo director version 9, on my old laptop, onto my new laptop running v11?
Hi I'm a new user. I've just imported all my photos from a recent holiday into MediaShow and in the preview some of the images are showing as black. I worked it out that these images are "selfies" that I've taken with the front camera of my Samsung Galaxy S7. The only way I can get the image to show correctly is edit it with an auto-correction and then save over the orginal file (see attachement)

Anyone esle had a similar issue or know of a fix?

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