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Quote Ever found a solution?

Afraid not. There's apparently no mechanism for setting the initial view of the movie, or of each clip in it
A lot of the animations behind titles in the title designer and as downloaded from the DirectorZone are added to the title as a particle (effect). My issue is: this apparently makes them impossible to resize or move. So the position of the text can be moved, but the position of the "particle effect" behind it (e.g. the gyroscope) can't be.

Am I correct, or am I missing something?

Thank you
Quote Sounds like you are assuming that your viewer will just sit there and not change the view, which especially won't happen if they are watching with a VR headset.


Or use the View Designer to change the direction of view, which takes away the user's freedom of view.

No, that's not what's being suggested at all.

I'm making a video at the moment. It begins with a clip of me going down a hill in my wheelchair, doing a wheelie at speed. There's a pretty title on the side looking down the hill, and on the other side there's a close-up of my nose, which is enough to put anybody off watching the video. So I'd like to have the video start with the view downhill rather than up my nose. Then if the viewer chooses, they're very welcome to change to looking up my nose, and good luck to them!

Later in the video, I'm recording a trip in a golf buggy going through a forest. The camera is off the front right of the buggy. The trip lasted hours so I have cut it down to several clips of hopefully more interesting bits of the trip. Now the problem is each one has a different direction. If one's facing forward in one clip, then in the next one's facing to the right, then in the next one's facing towards the back left, that's not going to be great, is it? For the reasons you describe, forcing change of direction on the viewer isn't good. So I want consistency between the clips. I don't care in what direction the viewer is pointed, but I want that direction to stay the same following a transition to the next clip (relative to the golf buggy.)

So it's not about forcing changes of direction onto the viewer, it's about setting the initial direction and ensuring consistency between clips. Other video packages enable this. This one doesn't. It should.

And the View Designer does something else entirely. I want to create a 360 video, not a standard one.
Quote I like being able to direct the viewer where the interesting parts of the video are while still allowing them to look where they want.

I purchased the PowerDirector 15 upgrade simply because of it's 360 editing ability.

Please advise when there is a solution to this basic 360 problem.

Me too.

This seems like an absolute fundamental ability for 360 video, and a product claiming it does 360 video that doesn't actually do that is being disingenuous.

I guess that's partly why PowerDirector 15 is so much cheaper than professional editing software. I can put up with the clunky UI, the inability to render previews of sped-up footage (on my relatively high end PC that copes fine showing such in e.g. GoPro Studio), the disk thrashing when dealing with 4 PIPs, the 30 minute rendering of a 6 minute 2560x1280 360 video, the crashes, the Russian Roulette as to which effects, enhancements, transitions etc work well in 360° and so on, and put it down to my use of consumer priced and oriented software.

But the inability to specify an initial viewing direction for each 360° clip is so fundamental. It's not just setting it for the whole video: it's for each clip that's used in the video. Having no ability to ensure that the same object or same direction is in the same direction from clip to clip is so fundamental, this is a big lack.
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