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  • Windows 10 pro 64bit

  • Media Suite 15

  • Power2go 11

Trying to put 10 .ts files from a PBS series on a Blu-ray 50GB disc.

They won't fit at any resolution other than SmarFit. I've used SmartFit on another project on 25GB discs without issue.

Any idea how to figure out what, if anything, I'm doing wrong?

Made 3 coasters so-far....

Thanks Much,

Quote Hello PastaG,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

That seems to be a very strange offer! If you already have PhD8. forget about version 5. Is your PhD8 the Ultra or Deluxe version? There are significant differences. It sounds like you got it as a bonus anyway.


Strainge indead...and more;

I just upgraded to Media Suite 15 from 14 and was offered the same free PhotoDirector 5 Deluxe.

Realy confusing, even more while installing; it said I already have each program in the Suite and offered to uninstall the current version then reinstall the same version; I did so while scratching my head in bewilderment. Seems like the only thing that got upgraded was the Media Suite 'opening app'.

As I recall, the same thing happened when I upgraded from 13 to 14.

Jeesh...a bit disappointed to then be offered a downgrade as a reward for giving them money for what I already have.
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