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I personally would agree with Maliek that there should be a separate section for PD for Mac, as he stated there are unique issues with the software that do not appear on the Windows version. As you probably know the PD for Mac currently uses the Rosetta 2 emulator in order to work with the M1 chips. Apple has stated that the purpose of Rosetta 2 is to allow time for software companies like yourself to develop versions of the software that will fully utilize the M1 chip. Apple basically says the companies have 1 year to get their M1 versions out. This would imply that the PD for Mac will probably go through several different versions, to fix bugs, etc that the Windows version will not have to. For us Mac users it would be easier to locate fixes and helps faster by having a separate section.

Just my two cents.
Quote It kind of depends on what you're trying to accomplish by outputting a 60p video.

PowerDirector will double up the frames if you input 30p and output 60p. The files will be larger but, even though they are 60p, they'll still be showing 30 frames per second.

So I guess if your'e mixing 30p and 60p footage, you can output 60p if you want. It won't hurt anything.

But the main reason for outputting higher frame rate videos is because they handle action scenes better. There's less frame blur in scenes where there's a lot of movement.

But if your original video is 30 fps and you fudge it up to 60 fps, you won't see that advantage.

Why are you outputting 60p?

I actually was trying to show the different in my action camera by doing 1080p at 60 then change to 4k at 30 fps but my introduction to the video was at 1080 at 30 fps. I selected 60 because the majority of the footage was shot at 60 or maybe a better explanation was I didn't know what I was doing. ha ha
Hi Everbody,
I have a question what occurs during the rendering process when I add parts of videos at different frame rates. I had one clip at 1080p at 30 fps then the majority of the clips were at 60 fps and then a small part was at 4k at 30 fps. When it came time to render the video I selected 1080 at 60 (thinking that was correct because the majority of the vid was at 60 fps). Now I am wondering if I should have selected the slowest rate of 30 fps. Additionally I wondered how Powerdirector 17 handled the 4k stuff. Thanks.
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