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You might try a M2TS container vs the MP4 you've been using and see if your TV will have good audio there. This manual says it's supported for your TV


Hello Jeff

It is right, my Sony TV supports m2ts files as well mp4, but unfortunately it does not recognise at all the m2ts file produced by PD 20. Also my TV received with perfect audio quality all Full HD Channels in mp4, as well as with PD 15.

Thank you very much for your help . Your approach was very clever.

I deactivate any form of fast video rendering technology.


Yes, those high level items in GUI are not enough to fully describe controls.

profile.ini located in your user profile at C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\15.0\UserConfigure and C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\20.0\UserConfigure for PD15 and PD20

Edit profile.ini with notepad or similar. Copy from a & all the way to the blank line after && for your given profile and paste into PD20 profile.ini. If profile.ini does not exist for PD20, create a custom profile in the GUI for PD20 so it gets created and then paste in your PD15 profile. It has to exist for PD15 as you said you created a user custom profile.

<class>MPEG-4 AVC</class>
<name>Custom Profile</name>


I success this morning ( it was too late yesterday!)

I copy the content of PD 15 profile.ini to the PD 20 profile.ini file

I produced a new video on PD 20 and I checked the profiles as been updated. I confirm the GOP is updated with PD 15 one

Unfortunately this new configuration does not solve the problem ..

Please find attached the Media Info result for your information

I also add the mp4 camargue-update.mp4 in the public folder:!Auvw_eFejINAgbAGfh6tid9kizC2eQ?e=ctb8ju

Thanks for a few more details. Sorry, specifics here are probably critical since it's your TV that appears to be rather format specific since other MP4's you created play fine on another TV.

When you say you created a custom profile with exactly the same profile, how did you do that? You cannot do it from within the GUI as PD changed profile details not exposed in the GUI. "Intelligent SVRT" is a means to create a profile in the PD15 GUI in the "Produce" area. I'm simply trying to understand specifically how you created your custom profile so as to try and replicate in PD20.

I'd probably try at least two things:
1) copy the exact profile from file profile.ini file that you use in PD15 and paste it into the PD20 profile.ini file and see if that works for you
2) use the same custom profile in "1)" but don't use Quick Sync and allow the CPU to do the encoding and see if that works for you


I mean the profile I generated with the user interface
Resolution 1920 * 1080
image rate 50
Profile high
date rate 16000
Quality :high
Dynamic GOP ( not selected)

Same audio profile

The files "profile.ini" is unknown on my PC.... are you sure of the file name?

I produced the video without quick sync with no change and the same problem


Are you by chance using a custom profile in PD15 to create what works for your TV? The file "cap martin 15.txt" you attached does not appear to be a default profile in PD15. Was it created with "Intelligent SVRT" or manually created?

There definitely was some changes to the way PD does encoding of MP4's since PD15, default GOP structure one big change. Maybe if one uses your profile from PD15 in PD20, your Sony TV may have proper playback.

It is unclear to me what you mean by MP2 in your response, can you clarify?

If you use default media supplied with PD, can you create a MP4 with default PD20 profiles that your Sony TV plays successfully?


First I am very sorry, fie the confusion, it is not MP2 files but MP4 files...

When I started with PD 15 I used the Full HD 25 images / default profile with MP4 source file on the Lumix cam recorder. Two years ago to improve the video quality I decided to use AVCHD / 50 images per second as source file on the Lumix cam recorder

As PD 15 does not have a standard profile with 50 images /sec I created a custom profile from the default Full HD 25 images profiles, compatible with my Sony TV with a perfect quality.

With PD 20 I tried of course the standard format Full HD 50 images per second and I also created a profile with exactly the same profile used on PD 15 without success.

I also try the full HD 25 images per second and standard HD format with the same problem.

Concerning now your question on SVRT, I use the fast video rendering technology with Intel Quick Sync Video
SBRT is not available

First I would line to thank you very much for your very positive help and your prompt réactions.

I tried the two channels option and Dolby digital configuration ( supported by my TV according to Sony specification) without success. I also tried the same MP2 files on a Panasonic TV works fine, with a perfect audio.

I conclude the inputs of the FZ DMC 2000 Lumix (( Panasonic), one of the most popular Cam recorder is compatible with PD 15 and PD 365. We do not understand why the new version should not support any more our TV Sony!

The ascending compatibility is the golden rule in this business!

As soon as Cyberlink advertises PD 15 customers with attractive offers to upgrade the PD 365 version, Cyberlink is committed to deliver the functionality of previous versions on top new improvements.

It is now to Cyberlink to react to my support request and to fix the problem..

In the meantime I am afraid I will have to continue to use the PD 15 version that works very well!!!
Thank you for the clarification

All the Cam Recorder and produced files are available at the following link!Auvw_eFejINAgbAGfh6tid9kizC2eQ?e=ctb8ju" target="_new" rel="nofollow">!Auvw_eFejINAgbAGfh6tid9kizC2eQ?e=ctb8ju

The file report of the cam recoder are available in he attached file
The three txt files I attached to my previous note are the mediaInfo reports you are looking for.

The video sources are produced by cam recorder (AVCHD Files) / Panasonic DMC FZ 200 ) . converted to H 264 AVC Format with PowerDictecor. I have never met this problem for the last 5 years .... with Power Director 15 fully compatible foe my Sony TV. and my cam recorder. with a very hugh quality results.

I checked again and I can produce the same video with a perfect audio with Power Director 15... without this crazy cracks...
with the same H 264 AVC format...
In addition to my previous answer I notice the format profil in version 15 is Sony PSP by Base Media / version 2

Base Media is possibly not compatible with all Sony TV set .

Thank you very much for your help. The audio level is correct in the green .

I do not have any problem with the same video on Power director 15.

Please find attached the Média file reports for the 365 version. (camarque 365 .txt. I also attached a report with Power director 15 (cap martin 15.txt . I also add another file Camargue1.365 for information ..

I notice the codec is different and possibly the new codec are not compatible with the Sony TV

I hope this report will help you

Best regards
I have successfully used Powerdirector 15 for producing Full HD H 264 AVC / MP4 videos, 50 images per second without any problem on my TV set, a Sony Bravia LCD colour TV ( KDL.55NX810)

With PowerDirector 365, with the same format, everything is fine on my PC , but the audio quality on the same TV set is horrible with many cracks. I tried various data rates without any improvement.

I am looking for any solution to solve this critical issue
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