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Quote Hello,
Uninstall and then reinstall everything. If that doesn't work, then contact technical support:

Thanks but no cigar David, I suspect their may be a conflict with other software on my machine. already tried your suggestion to no avail.
Error message window says "No DLLs were found in the waterfall procedure", when I reboot my Windows 7 OS system.
This started after I purchased and installed the Christmas Special MEDIA Suite upgrade today.

Searched the FAQ section & forums and see no resolutions to the error message.

Can anyone help?
Quote Wishing I hadn't. My PD14 was running great!

Ditto, at this point I wish I hadn't also, 14 was working great. Now I have hours of You Tube aggrevation on uploads. Online uploads complete then I get a PD error message that PD couldn't upload after wasting hours of my time. I'm ready to de-install this new cludge until it's fixed.
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