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The fonts are just free to use on youtube and facebook only..
You have to purchase a license for anything else...
Making them useless for any other application.
Are Powerdirector 20 Fonts free to use and not copyrighted?
Thx a million to everyone that helped!!!
Finally found where the MP4 file was located.
Quote That .pds file you attached is a text file containing the instructions on what you do and edit with the video on your timeline. There is no video embeded in that .pds file. Look at the file size of 356 KB. It is only text. You need to go to the Produce tab and produce the file say in the mp4 or m2ts format and upload that particular mp4 or m2ts file from your hard drive to YouTube, not this pds file.

Thx for that!
But..I did indeed produce it in H265 & MP4 it appears Cyberlink is not working..not actually producing or converting the flle..
Is there a solution for this..?
Quote Process say a 10 second long sample file with the Cyberlink 16. Attach it on your next reply or place it on the Google drive and share it so users can check out what the problem might be,

Here it is...
I cant upload to youtube anymore w/Cyberlink 16 and the new youtube uploader 2020.
I just get an invalid file format message..from youtube..
Straight unprocessed camera files upload fine...right from the Sony camera program.
But files processed thru Cyberlink.. youtube does not like at all..
I have converted the Cyberlink files to all types that youtube suggests..but nothing works..
Is there a solution for this?
Thx for your help.

This is my 1st post here..

I have owned Power Director 13 for about a year now..and about 3 mos started not being able to access multicam movie files..some it would load..and some it would not..

PD13 is loading the sound files but no movie files now..only loading an unviewable black movie screen..after the multicam function..

Any suggestions or solutions would be much appreciated..

This program used to work just fine reloading multicam files..but now..its just getting worse and worse..I actually loaded a recent movie file..and it loaded fine..but then turned to a black screen right before my eyes..thats a 1st..

Thx in advance for your help!
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