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Instead of sending a 'DVD', why not just send an mp4 file ?
I know that removes Opening screens / Pretty titles / Chapter Links etc and it's just not as 'Nice'
But it may be more universally acceptable now with many TV's having USB facilities ?

If ever I send out mp4 files and I send a 4K h265 version, then I generally include a version in HD (1920 x 1080) h.264 as being compatable with more kit.

That's a good point, but these DVDs are going out to some non-technical/older folks, so it might be hard to explain that to them.
Quote Hi Greenie44,

The fact that a player doesn't like a 'Writable' disc is nothing new.
I've owned cd players that wouldn't play a written cd - (Often very expensive cd players !)
I've owned a dvd player that wouldn't play a recorded dvd, (But this one would play SACD's, not that I had any to play !)

It seems that you should check the manual of the player that won't play as JL_JL suggests,
you may find it doesn't play nicely with any 'Writable' discs, there's nothing special about them being produced from PD.
(Some may even differentiate between DVD -R and DVD -RW etc )

Honestly, I've found the more upmarket the player, the more likely it is to fail with writable media !
Though I concede this is largely anecdotal and from personal experience.


Thanks to all who answered. Although it seems like the issue has too many variables to be completely 'solved' (if I send the DVD out to friends, it may or may not play properly on their players), at least I now know there is nothing wrong with what I am doing. Thanks to all!

Have you checked the manual of the non-working player to see what media it supports? Often can be helpful too for seeing experience on a particular player.


Thanks fellow Arizonan! I'll do that and see. I guess if I burned it in 3D, it would not work on older players that do not support BluRay, right?

Thanks again.
Hi -

I burned a DVD that I created with PowerDirector 365, using a 2D option and a standard DVD+R DL blank. The burned disk plays on some DVD players but not others. Any suggestions on how to address this? The DVD plays OK on an older player that does not do BlueRay.

Thanks in advance.
I recently downloaded a new upgraded version of PowerDirector, but now it does not recognize my subscription. Do I have to reenter the product key, or download a new version of the product? thanks in advance.

Oh, and it looks like I somehow downloaded and installed the Essentials version. Do I have to uninstall that and then download the paid version? If so, where do I find the paid version?
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