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For this to work, the folder.jpg images must be added to each movie folder first in your movie library, before they are imported into the PowerDVD library.

It also may depend on whether there is existing movie info (cover art) from, which could overide the image file. This is why the Set Cover Art option was added so users can quickly and easily edit the cover art once imported into the library.

If you have any further questions, you can contact CyberLink directly here:

PowerDVD Moderator

Thanks. You helped me to see why it didn't work. The thing is it doesn't work until you enable Movie Info Features. I always have this off as i don't want to download covers and movie info. Once i turned it on it picked up my local cover files. However, a week later when i started up PoweerDVD it overwrote a few from the internet which i don't want. If i untick the Movie Info Features it will revert to my local cover files again, so this was promising. But unfortunately most of my film names are wrong and with seemingly no way for these to be set with nfo, xml or pointer files (i can't rename my folder structure - and shouldn't have to), the library feature becomes unusable. Real shame.

I'd consider using the My Computer view but again there is the long term issue of folder art only showing in landscape mode, which doesn't work for poster images.

Thanks anyway.

Have just downloaded the v22 trial to test the auotmatic cover art feature from the hard drive (not from moovieinfo).

According to the PowerDVD manual regarding 'browsing through movies in the movie libary':

"If a movie file is not displaying the cover art, you can insert an image file (in the JPG or PNG format) in the movie file's folder and name it “folder” to use it as the cover art."

When browsing the Media Library --> Movies section the cover art does not display even when i have folder.jpg (or .png) files in the movie folders. This has been raised as an issue for years. eg:

Has this not been fixed yet?

Can anyone confirm if they can set the cover art on a file/disc in the Movies section with just an image file in the movie's folder on the drive?



ps. the folder.jpg file works (in a fashion) through the My Computer section in PowerDVD (though this has also been raised for years and not been fixed: but not in the Media Library section where it is logical to have it. And yes, i can set cover art individually on each movie by right clicking it and setting the cover art. But with lots of movies, this solution is basically completely useless.
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