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Hmm, loolks like this problem has been going on for some time:

Bit of a drastic step to have to render out of CDR and then re-import the clip back into PDR in order to retain the LUT. Surprised that CyberLink haven't sorted this out as the use of LUTs is one of the great attractions in using CDR in the first place.



The default location for CDR LUTs is C:\Program Files\CyberLink\ColorDirector11\ColorDirector presets\LUT

Have you tried opening PDR17 and then importing LUTs from that location?

PowerDirector Moderator

Thanks for the suggestion. The LUTs are now appearing in PD17. However, when I apply them in ColorDirector, together with other adjustments, they all get knocked out when I toggle back to PD17. If I don't apply a LUT, the other adjustments do transfer over into PD. Very strange! However, at least I can apply the LUT in PD itself (though without the ability to graduate the effect, as in CD).

Hi everyone - have just installed ColorDirector 11 (365) and I'm using it with my existing install of PowerDirector 17. There are some cool new LUTs in CD that are not available in my install of PD which I'd like to use. I'm currently toggling the video clip from PD into CD for the color corrections and back into PD for the editing and production. However I've noticed that when I take the clip back into PD the LUT adjustments are lost. Other adjustments - such as white balance, tone etc. - are applied.

Just wondering if it's because I'm using PD17 and these effects only work with latest PD 365? I'm very happy with PD17 so don't particularly want to upgrade, but maybe I need to think about it?

Thanks for this advice. I'm away for a few days, but I'll try and give it a go later in the week.

I should add that I used PD17 yesterday without incident after I unchecked Hardware Acceleration in Preferences. So maybe that helped? (I uncheck it during editing, then simply recheck it during render.)

Thanks for these responses. Quite a lot to process here! Re. Nvidia drivers - I update these via GForce Experience and keep them as up to date as possible. I've not noticed issues with any other applications, particularly my railway simulator game (the actual reason I have a high end GTX card).

Quote The most recent 10 Windows Error Reports (WER0-9 at the end of the DxDiag results) show two serious "Blue Screen" failures and several problems with Windows Update, but nothing from PD. It's possible that there are some underlying Windows issues given the WU failures, but they don't seem to be affecting PD14.

Yes, I noticed these error reports - I've checked Windows updates and one failed to install on 17/01/19, but then subsequently successfully installed the next day. Currently, updates are up to date.

Quote You mentioned that you get the crashes when editing in PD17 - have you noticed a pattern, like it crashes after clicking on the Produce tab or when performing a certain operation, or is it seemingly more random?

As far as I recall, all the crashes have happened while I've been editing in the timeline (eg. trimming clips, adding transitions etc.) not elsewhere in the programme.

Quote Is PD crashing and giving you the Crash Report window, or does it hang forever and you have to kill it or reboot?

It goes to BSOD and reboots Windows - I should have added that it gives the error message: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and 'nvlddmkm.sys'.

Quote Is your system overclocked?


Quote Do the crashes happen with very simple projects, or only with complex or heavily processed ones?

My projects are pretty simple editing: trimming of clips, adding of transitions. Though I do use Fix/Enhance quite a lot.

Quote Do the crashes stop if you uncheck the Hardware Acceleration options in Preferences?

I'll try checking this!

Quote You said that you're able to render (produce) your PD14 projects in PD17, so it sounds like the problem isn't happening there. Are you producing with the Fast video render technology: box checked or unchecked?

I use this box checked. Though I should add I've not yet had a crash while in the 'Produce' screen.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled PD17, so we'll see if that makes any difference.

Once again, my thanks for your responses.

Thanks for responses. My apologies for not attaching the required information. Here it is, hope that helps.

Hi everyone. I recently upgraded to PD17 from PD14 and, around the same time, I updated my Nvida Gforce drivers (now up to Version 417.71). I now suffer repeated crashes while editing in PD17 such that I've had to go back and edit in PD14 (which seems to be fine), though I still render in PD17.

I'm aware there's an issue between PD17 and the latest generation of Nvidia drivers. Just wondered if there's a fix, or likely to be, as at the moment I don't feel I'm getting the full value from PD17!

(Note: card is GTX 1070 with an i7-6700 CPU)
Hi Tony - I think I was one step ahead as I'd already obtained your profiles (very helpful!) and added them to the Enu folder in PD14.

Really, my problem now is that I have no hardware video encoding available since I updated my video drivers. Anyone know how I can get PD14 talking to my HD 5870 again? Perhpas I need to check settings on the card?

Thanks for the advice. I've now updated my AMD drivers. Unfortunately, 'Fast video rendering' (both SVRT and Hardware video encoder) is now greyed out (ie. unavailable) for all options, including built-in! Looks like PD14 can't access the GPU for some reason.

I've checked under Preferences and hardware decoding is enabled under 'Hardware Acceleration'.

I'm beginning to wonder if I should go back to PD10!

Hi everyone, I'm new here!

After 4 years of happily using PD10, today I upgraded to PD14 hoping for a bit of a step forward. Well....

In PD10 I'm used to using custom profiles for WMV (added to the C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDirector10\Language\Enu folder) and MPEG-4 (editing the profile.ini file in C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\10.0).

However, when I try using these custom profile in PD14 (I'm currently trying to render an mp4 file in 960x540 @ 29.97 fps at 3000Mbps), I'm unable to use Hardware Video Encoding - first it crashes my GPU driver, then PD14 itself and, after reloading, Fast Video Rendering is greyed out in the 'Produce' tab. This wasn't happening in PD10!

I should add that the built-in profiles appear to work fine in mp4 (haven't tried wmv) as I produced a 1280 x 720 test OK (though not using SVRT - this has always been greyed out for me in mp4, so no change in PD14 then!)

My video card is quite old: a Radeon HD 5870 from 2009. I think drivers are up to date (though probably haven't been updated by AMD for sometime?)

Is my card not good enough for PD14? I'm happy to use CPU-based rendering, though it does take a bit longer and I always worry about having my CPU working at 100% for prolonged periods (CPU is an i7 860, by the way).

Anyone have any ideas?

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