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Quote This is interesting. According to the specification here: , your recordings are XAVC S as defined here: .

I think it is commersial matherial. I read article on Wiki and saw, that Powerdirector should work with XAVC properly: "...For XAVC-S, CyberLink PowerDirector, Adobe Premiere..." On wiki good explained bitrate amount depend on resolution, and can be even 500-600 mbit! My camera generate 100 Mbit. I'll go gome and create XAVC-S preset manually with 100 mbit and try to render. I do not understand, why I should do it, if the software has "AI" profile analyzer which couldn't guess video features...
... and suggests most appropriate formats to match the video specs ...

You are right! But in my case, video on timeline recognized not correct by profile analyzer. What prewents PD to recognize my video as XAVC-S, not AVC? Maybe this is main reason of incorrect processing video data.
Quote If I remember right, I think you can get about 40Mbps in H.264 but not much higher.

Yes, I tried to edit profile manually. I changed bitrate from 100 to 99 mbit and I have got 39.9 mbit in final video file. But it appliable for H.264 (AVC) codec. I have XAVC-S and I tried to render project using one preset from list (see attachment). It sounds good, bitrate 60 mbit and high speed of rendering (100% load of GPU) - it is my chance to continoue work with PD. As I understood, automatic project analizer of PD do not correct recognize source and can't property processed video flow with standards, maybe...
Yes, those were some of the same problems and same magnitude of issues reported prior with the AMD cards and PD hardware encoding.

I wonder, why Cyberlink know about this problem and woun't to fix it? Maybe it is marketing? Most fastest videoeditor in the world, but due to miss bitrate information.

I have no complaints, i tried to ask users about other generation of AMD GPU, I thought that it is only new generation of GPU. I used trial version of other videoeditors, and all videos rendered good, using 100% GPU power. I made conclussion, that problem in core of PD, not driver implementation. I surprised, that PD 18 has some core as i understood.

What is suggestions? Change GPU from AMD to Nvidia?
I expected Cyberlink should investigate this problem and admit this issue, as compensation return money to AMD users ))) and strongly recomend to migrate to Nvidia ))) But unfortunaely they don't hurry for fix it, maybe because they loose first place of rendering speed )))

So... I upset...
For H.264, 3840x2160, 25fps progressive, 101422Kbps video avg bitrate, from PD profile generated
PD17 v3005, 381MB, 37.160s duration, overall avg bitrate 86.0 Mb/s
PD18 v2028, 381MB, 37.160s duration, overall avg bitrate 86.0 Mb/s

But in my case bitrate decrease from 100 to 20mbit - it isn't bearable...

I have dialog with ticket support approx one month, unfortunately it depend on time-zone and I have 1-2 message per week ))). It is too long, but we investigate one problem with decrease bitrate video using AMD GPU. I have RX 570, 8Gb card. (XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX Edition). I provided video and project data to support team and I want to share this matherial with you.

I ask you to help me investigate this issue. If you have time and desire to help me, please download my project with video from GoogleDrive and render it using automatic "profile analyzer" and apply corresponded settings. It should be XAVC-S 4K video with 100mbit bitrate, captured on my Sony a6300 camera. In render settings check "hardware video encoder" to apply only GPU power.

I ask you to share here result of your render: write your GPU card, driver version and bitrate amount of final video. You can check it using free software "MediaInfo".

I've got information that it doesn't fixed in PD18 but works well with Nvidia GPU...

link to my GoogleDrive

I'm looking for simple effect of equalizer generator. I need to render audio wave to video.
How I can do it? Maybe you know free online services or free templates for PD?

What is your suggestions?
Thank you for respond. What about promo code?
In internet i found only 12% off for PD 17. Maybe you know more discount?
I have I5 2500K / 16Gb ram / ssd intel. 4K was processed very slow but I do not have enought of money. I solve this issue bybuying AMD RX 570 Graphic card. The video (4K XAVCS from Sony a6300 camera) starts play in preview window without any delay and decoded by GPU. Render time decrease too from 1 hour to 20 minutes (duration of timeline was 17 min.). Try to buy GPU and you will realise that new upgrade of PC is notnecessary.

I Installed PD 15 LE with free key and registered it. I tried to work with 4K video, but LE version doesn't support it, and has many other restrictions. After this fail I wondered about upgrade PD 15 LE to general full-featured version of PD 17 and now I'm looking for good discount for purchase...

Q1: What is difference between LE and not LE versions, where I can see table of comparison of this versions?
Q2: Can I upgrade 15 LE license to general 17 license?
Q3: Anybody know promo code, which provides more than 12% off?

p.s. I live outside USA and support using tickets super very slow I receive 3 answer per week. I can get actual information during 1-2 month )))
For my issue, mask is stable (static) png file. I need effect change position of video. This effect does not work in my case. It must be as follows: Main video on the first layer.The second video on the second layer should be lifted up, but not from the edge of the screen, and but through png mask.The first (main video) should be visible all time. I create picture in attachment for visual understanding...

p.s. Sorry for my English :) I'm not from USA :)


- I have video

- I have mask (png file)

- I applyed mask to video

I need change position video from 1 point to 2 point, but do not change position of mask. I try it, but I see, that mask and video are locked. When I change position video, automaticaly mask change position too.

How I can change position video (the effect of moving video from the bottom up) without change position of mask?
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