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Just checked and can confirm that PowerDVD20 Ultra OUTPUT Atmos and DTS-X tracks via Intel HD4600 integrated graphic card on my Laptop and my Yanaha RX A3050 correctly recognise it (provide NONE Decode Audio option been sellected).

P.S. It is worth changing the HDMI cable to be sure it is not the issue.

P.S. In fact PowerDVD ULTRA 18 & 19 also output Atmos and DTS-X tracks correctly eithr via NVidia RTX 1080 and Intel HD4600


P.S. I do not know if make difference BUT forgot to say that I output 4K BluRay Media to 1080p TV Saving to Upgrade my TV this Black Friday / Christmas sales
But the question was about the sound so I think it should not make difference here.

Very helpful but also opens up a can of worms. I noticed you mentioned nvidia, which I also have the 2080ti. Unfortunately its useless to me watching 4k bluray because I have to use my onboard intel graphics in order to watch physical 4k bluray discs.

So I can only assume at this point, this issue seems intel graphics driver related where it doesnt support dolby atmos?

Wanted to add that because of bluray DRM, I cant use nvidia graphics to watch physical 4k bluray discs. Digital 4k movies aren't a problem.

I watch ONLY Digital and the experience is for Digital ONLY Media.
I do not remenber if my Laptop which uses Intel Graphics (640 HD) also output Atmos an DTS X via AVR. I am sure it output DTS-HD and TrueHD I have not used it for that reasons for quite long time.
I will check later on and update but than again it will be for a Diggital 4K BluRay. I do not have fisical media or player to check.

I'm familiar with the function, that being said, when doing this in powerdvd19 the non-decoded stream does not recognize dolby atmos tracks and downgrades to truehd or surround.

So if anyone has tried this out in powerdvd20, let me know if your AV says that it's using dolby atmos.

YES it does!
And DTS X as well.

I am using RTX 1080 and sometimes when New Driver is ready to install my PC does the same as what you experience till I update the driver and Restart.
Than everything back to normal.
Do not know why`s that just got used to it.
I always CLEAN Install the latest NVidia Drivers if that matter I do not know.

P.S. GTX 1080 and Yamaha RX A3050 ALWAYS show Atmos and DTS X tracks when NONE Decoded option.

PowerDVD 18, 19 and 20 All ULTRA been supporting ATMOS and DTS X in my config
There is an Option to "NONE DECODED BITSTREAM" to choose when Play HD Audio. You have to Thick it when you start the movie as Power DVD default is " let power DVD to convert ..." something.
While with the older version PowerDVD use to remember your choice PowerDVD 20 ALWAYS REVERT to conversion upon restart.
Your AVR or TV have to be able to process HD Audio in order to have the option of "nene decoded Audio stream" to pop up in the Player (Audio) settings.
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