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Just to be clear, PD has supported H.265 for years, but there's something about the specific codec that your dashcam uses to encode to H.265 that PD doesn't accept. If car-car transfer speed is the most important issue, you can still record in H.265 and then convert any clips you want to edit later, but maybe using H.264 throughout is faster overall.

Hopefully your support request will get this issue resolved in a future PD update. Thanks for submitting it

Kind of confused. I downloaded Movavi and 2 other editors so far. All import and edit the same 4k H.265 video from the dashcam. Hopefully the next version of PDR will be more versatile becuase I really like the layout. Not to sure what to do at this point but hope there will be a patch in the near future. I sent tech support the same info I included here and the response was so far in left field even I knew they were clueless. Not trying to be demeaning, but it was obvious you guys care a whole lot more then they do. Thanks again for your time and take care.

Fascinating! I can also open it in ColorDirector 7 and even in PhotoDirector 10, but AudioDirector 9 reports that the clip is broken.

My suggestion would be to report this as a bug to Cyberlink here. Please copy and paste the URL of this thread when you request support, and then paste the CS ticket # back here to close the loop. In the meantime, it looks like converting the clip would be the best way to go unless someone else can figure out why PD doesn't accept it.

Appreciate you guys taking a look at it. I will update my dashcam to use H.264 and hope PDR supports H.265 down the road. The reason we are using H.265 is the wireless speed transfer/viewing is so much quicker from car to car. H.264 is not bad, but thier is a 1/3 noticable diffrence. When transferring hours of footage it adds up.

I did do a ticket:. The ticket ID is: CS001977405

Again, really appreicate your time.

OP never responded, so nobody knows what his/her/their problem was.

You quoted my response when posting, but you didn't include any of the info I spelled out that's needed to figure out what's going on with your computer. I'm afraid we can't help much unless you provide those specifics.

Really appreicate you taking the time to look at this.

The DropBox link to the 3 second video is:

The DxDiag Txt File is at:

PDR Version Number is: 17.0.2314.1

If I missed something please let me know.
Thanks again. Really appreciate it.
Quote I'm sorry to hear that you're having difficulty playing H.265 videos. PD17 is certainly able to import and produce H.265 clips, so the goal is to quickly figure out what's going on with your system. It sounds like there's a missing or misconfigured codec.

Can you please refer to the Read Me post at the top of the PD17 forum and post the results of the DxDiag test? That will give us volunteers the details on how your system is configured. Please also post the version number of PD17 as the instructions state.

It would also be great if you could upload a sample dashcam clip to GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive (or the like) and post the link here. Once a clip is accessible, we can glean the details and figure out how to get everything working properly on your machine so you can edit your dashcam videos.

I am having the same issue. Has the problem been figured out? The whole reason I bought the latest version (PD17) was to edit my 4k dashcam videos. The videos play in every single program without issue. But I cannot edit with PD17.
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