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Same happening to me. Changing preview out of high fixes it, and oddly enough works in full hi def, just not hi def. Needs to be fixed.
So I am not as ignorant as I was an hour ago. I thought that the fonts in PD had been supplied by PD. Turns out, I had not reinstalled Office yet, which I just did, and voila! My complete font list is back. A lesson for everyone about fonts. thanks again.
Thanks for the quick response Tony. The font I am looking for is called Matura MT, and was perfect for some yoga videos I am working on. The AR fonts are missing as well, so I have a much smaller font list now, so I guess the question is why didn't the more complete list install? I actually did the reinstall from the original factory PD12 discs, then the PD13 Ultimate disc that I made from a download as backup. I don't know a lot about fonts, but it sounds like you are saying that if I install new fonts into Windows, that they will be available in PD? thanks,

Hi guys,

I recently had to reinstall my windows 7 OS, and so had to reinstall my PowerDirector 13 Ultimate program as well. Everything seemed to go ok, except that I am missing some fonts in titles. I am assuming that I had some enhanced features in the content packs essential and premium, but they don't seem to have reinstalled successfully. Any ideas? Can I get those enhanced features somewhere else? I don't see them in support, and am waiting for a response from them. Does PD14 come with the expanded font list? thanks
Hey Peeps,

I am looking to buy a bluray burner and would like advice. Would an external burner with a usb 3.0 be a good choice? Very few computers seems to come with internal BD burners. Also, any reccomendations on brands, either to get or to stay away from? Online reviews on the vendor sites are always a little suspect, but there seem to be some knowledgeable folks here.

I successfully burned HD video to a Memorex BD-R single layer disc, using PD-13. The finished disc plays just fine on my TV, Panasonic DMP-BD65 player, but when I try to watch it on my newer TV with newer Panasonic DMP-BDT330 player, I get a "incompatable disc" error message. I looked up the specs on each player, and naturally the newer player says it plays many more discs, sources, formats etc. So am curious, should I be looking for a solution through the player, or the burner? Could the TV be the problem? Is this a common problem? thanks.
That is exactly why I am remaing in main timeline rather than using the MC plug-in. I do a great deal of editing to each clip (audio levels for each track, white balance, cropping, etc) after syncing, which is not possible after you "record" in MC. I have included a screencap of the project after all editing to illustrate. I am thinking of doing a tutorial as I edit the next bout, to show not only how I move the clips after syncing, but also to illustrate how when you are in the main timeline and you trim or cut a clip to change the view to another track, the part that you trim is still there, merely hidden. It took me a while to understand that concept, but it enables me to go back at any time and change the timing of each cut to a different camera (track).

I hope that TPTB at CyberLink add the fuction to allow clips to stay on their home track after syncing in their next upgrade. It would save me a lot of time for sure. Here is the you tube link to the first half video shown in the attachment below, if anyone is interested in the scope of the project.

Hello everyone. Newbie to Cyberlink here.

The track jumping issue with "sync by audio".

I am editing a roller derby bout, start to finish. The footage (all HD) consists of a continous overhead feed from a go-pro, which I put on track 1. Track 2 is HD video from a Samsung G5, and track 3 is from a canon video camera. The video on tracks 2 and 3 are trackside clips which start and stop between jams (think downs in football). The finished video is around 30 minutes, and tracks 2 and three will each contain around 25 clips each. Each of those clips need to be synced before editing, and "sync by audio" is a great time saving tool for that.

Attachment #1 is what the project will/should look like, (with additional clips) when multiple tracks are synced, before any of the clips are edited. In this instance, I have moved them manually individually up to their home track after using "sync by audio". In order for "sync by audio" to be totally efficient, it should do that automatically.

Step one is to put the first three clips on their respective tracks, select all, then sync by audio. So far, works perfectly, as shown in Attachment #2

The issue comes with step two, where I place the second clip on track 2 in it's approximate position and then select it and the track 1 clip, and then hit "sync by audio". Instead of merely moving the track 2 clip down the track to its' synced position, it moves the go-pro footage from track 1 down to track 4, and puts the clip from track 2 down to track 5, leaving track 1 empty, as shown in Attachment #3.

In what world would that be the desired result? While they are still synced, I now I to manually move the clip on track 4 back up to its former home on the now empty track 1, and move that clip on track 5 back up to track 2, all while making sure to keep them in exact position time-wise. Multiply that by 50-ish for the entire project, and you can see my issue.

My question is, is that a glitch, or is that how it is designed and how it works for everyone? Is there a setting or step that I am missing? I have tried a few different ways, but they always jump track. Having 100 clips on 100 different tracks would make further editing a nightmare.

If anyone is interested in seeing what CyberLink is capable of, a finished video is on you tube here: Three video sources, different formats and bit rates, all HD, and when burned to a standard dvd, (no menu) using AVCHD, are as sharp as any blu-ray.

PD13 64bit Ultimate 13.0.2604.0

SR: VDE150123-01

Windows 7
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