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I have found this app to be super convenient in the past, relatively stable (PD 12 & CD 7 were both still a bit buggy on various issues, but mostly usable) but this 365 release is a hot mess.

Have installed on 2 different systems, both high end, otherwise quite different machines W10 and W11. Same crash issue, and additional now identified having persisted to properly investigate.

It aint the hardware.
Same thing happening to me. Any public solutions? (besides open another ticket)


Windows 10
Powerdirector 365
Colordirector 365

Colordirector freezes on the return to Powerdirector, after being initially invoked from within Powerdirector. Each application can be opened successfully independently.

System is high end, no problems at all running Adobe suite etc.
OK thanks Steve.

I can confirm that registry cleaner is turned off, and has never run.
Ok I do use Norton 360 on this PC...

I have checked the event log built into Norton, and it says that the registry cleaner has never been run. As far as I am aware, I have no other registry cleaner on the system.

Thanks for the reply Carl. How do I do that in V12 - I can't seem to find it.

Kind regards,
Hi folks, first time poster, thanks in advance for your time.

I have been using PD 12 for about a month or so without issue. Very happy, does what I want.

A week ago, at the point where I was about to render, an alert appeared advising that the software was unable to render in the codec I had chosen (in this case H.264 AVC), and advised as part of the alert that I should update the video card drivers, as well as the quicktime codec (?might have that bit wrong?) etc. This struck me as very odd, since I had made no changes to the system, and had been rendering fine all morning up to this point.

I persisted for a bit more, trying other Codecs, no luck, all outputting garbage, and eventually got the blue screen... ouch. A simple restart did not solve the issue. Something was definitely corrupted in the software.

Rolled back the system to a state from 2 weeks prior using system restore... problem sorted. Have been happily editing for a week, rendering fine... until it all happened again today, and was solved in the same manner. A system restore to an earlier date.

I'm not doing anything too outrageous with it - just youtube videos, 10 min long.

Could the Codecs become corrupted over time by the software? Anyone experienced anything like this?

Kind regards,

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit
Intel Core i7-3770 CPU 3.40GHz
8.00 G Ram
500G hard drive, mostly empty
Intel HD Graphics 4000

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