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Quote If you want hardware gpu encoding on discs then it is available with the Intel integrated graphics. Both mpeg-2 and h.264 can be used on DVD and Blu-ray discs. The project will be encoded faster and the cpu will run cooler.

Tomasc, thanks for the remarks, I remember you or another saying that earlier before I purchased PD and the GPU choice. It's 4am here and I'm about to start AC work, then grocery store, and finally cloning my Raid SSD. Whenever all that is done, I'll have to give some thought as to how to easily change my video to make that worthwhile. A quick Googling just now shows that switch not to always be cut and dried. But I will look at it, prolly worthwhile for longer burns.

Sadly MPEG2 is not in the modern chips NVENC hardware capabilities list, so it is done via CPU encoding:

On older PD12 and Fermi gen cards, before NVENC hardware was introduced, the encoding was done using a CUDA routine (using the card's 3D gaming CUDA cores). That CUDA encoding was deprecated, by nvidia, after driver version 337.88.

Yes Sonic67, I had been told that earlier when I was choosing a card for the new Dell, and that the onboard Intel chip could (and Tomasc just followed you with that reminder), will address that option with him. Been tied up here with trying to clone this Raid drive, and fixing my AC temporairly until I can get a part in town this am. Hope to just get some free time soon to play with PD18 again.
Quote Just as a side-note, the current Studio Driver is a week "newer" than the "Game Ready" one.

Yea Sonic67, it's on my list to do when my head gets above water here on these other fronts.

I spent a good bit of time today finding out why my trusty Acronis now won't clone my new PC to either of my Barracuda HDD's (it's because it's a Raid drive), and switched to Macrium and all went well. Also discovered my new Dell also won't recognize F12 to enter the boot mode using my standard Lenova kybd. With the shipped little old Dell keyboard, no problem!? Never needed a new driver with that standard kybd, but will check out later.

Yesterday I was able to import a PD12 pds project file, and burn a 12 minute DVD with out any hassle or errors. But I did notice for the burning routine alone, my GPU was running 1-2% and my CPU was 25-100%, with Mpeg 2 and Smartfit selected. That may be normal when not compiling, and time to burn was 5:25.

Before I burned, I also noticed that PD18 does not like any clips previously "color corrected" by PD12. The corrected clips have a very high 2 color contrast look. But that was corrected by simply unchecking that option in PD18.
OK great,
Thanks for the suggestion guys. Sounds like it's all is working ok enough for me to get started and tinker a bit with my usual longer movies. I'd guess I can go to either type driver, not a game player or Redbox type streamer here. Other than compiling with PD, and burning a few Blu Rays, just basic stuff, spreadsheets, photoshop, meetings on webcam/skype. I will pick my way thru this new version, make some notes on speed, errors, cpu/gpu temps, etc., and hopefully it'll see my drive and burn correctly, and then jump to the other driver. Chances are I'll come across something to ask for sure.
I'm now running a new i7-9700cpu, GTX 1650 4GB using game driver 451.67, Win 10 Ver. 2004, with new PD18 installed.

In PD's Hardware menu all is checked, in the Produce menu Reduce Vid Block and Noise are checked. Not checked is allow SVRT on single H.264. I also ran the Optimize routine in PD.

In the Nvidia software I see PD being used when PD is activated, and I have made no changes in Nvidia's 3d settings under there.

I dumped about 6 of the included skateboard clip files in the timeline, along with a few included audio and jpg files (1:50 in time), and produced in H.264 format. With no SVRT or Hdwr vid encoder options checked, in Taskmanager I saw 100% cpu and 47% GPU being utilized. With SVRT checked I saw about 40% cpu and about a 10% average GPU reading. With Hdwr Vid Encoding checked, I saw an average of 25% cpu and 40% GPU being used. Some of these settings were not available with a few other file output choices, which I think is normal with most cards. At this point I did not check the time to produce, as this was a very short clip. But it looks like my video card's CPU and ram is working with PD to some degree. I will watch CPU temperature later when I make a real movie.

In my readiing here today, I also came across the Hdwr and GPU Scheduling option in Windows. I turned that On, and repeated all runs above, and saw little difference in cpu/gpu % (in these short clips). I have left that option On.

My question is, although I'm just into this, have I overlooked any setting that I should set?
Quote You can use it as is for now. When you are ready get the Nvidia latest Geforce 451.67 drivers or the Studio drivers if you have any Adobe products installed. Here is one link for Nvidia driver downloads: .

OK, I got 451.67 Game version down and loaded, updated Win 10 to Ver. 2004, and then installed PD18. After playing with it some, and changing some options, monitoring CPU/GPU usage, I'm gonna move over to the PD18 forum with now more questions, naturally, lol. Thanks to all you guys for the help, and perhaps help me out over there as well.
Quote You can use it as is for now. When you are ready get the Nvidia latest Geforce 451.67 drivers or the Studio drivers if you have any Adobe products installed. Here is one link for Nvidia driver downloads: .

OK, thanks for the info. I'll go ahead and get it the Game version 451.67 now, and the install PD18. Will let you know.
Hey all,
Ok, I finally received my new Dell, i7, 9700 with a GeForce 1650 4G GPU. The present driver Dell just updated to, shows to be version 442.23 which I don't even see on their site as current. PepsiMan mentioned>"Nvidia driver version 411.70 works but in my experience v396.50 utilizes more; however, it depends on which version of PD you're using." I see new current Studio drivers ranging from 430.xx to 451.xx. I have PD 18 in the box here uninstalled. Any particular driver better that ya'll know of?
Quote Generally speaking, newer/more powerful GPUs will give you better gaming performance, but with video editing the path isn't always as clear.

In your case with the two nVidia options, there is only one answer, which is the GTX1650. As you can see from this chart, the GT1030 provides exactly zero hardware encoding while the GTX1650 does everything PD can utilize.

optdata, PepsiMan, tomasc:
Thanks for the clarity on the GTX 1030/GTX1650, suggestion of GTX1060Ti/1660Ti, and using the HD630. After relooking at costs for both the limited factory and all the aftermarket card offerings, think I'll go with the onboard video and then go aftermarket if need be with the GTX1650. I'll prolly be back on here with other issues, lol.
So I have PowerDirector 16 here ready to install on a new system I'm about to order, an I7-9700 w/16GB ram + SSD. They list two GPU options above the included onboard Intel UHD graphics. They are the GeoForce GT1030 w/2GB at $100, and the GTX1650 w/4GB, @ $200. Since I am moving from a now boggy 8 year old I7-2600 w/8GB with an outdated Radeon 6850 w/1GB, I figure I'd be pleased with the GT1030. The strongest thing I now burn are HD BluRays, and producing Mpeg 2/4 videos, not into 3D or 4K stuff, games, or overclocking. Question is with my measly needs, will the GT 1030 work well with PD16, ie. hardware video encoding, etc.? And is there another cost effective brand or model GPU I should look at instead?

It might be that the OP is not clear. In the OP not once is anything stated about encoding, just "hardware accel, and openCL", I'm not even sure exactly what that means. If it refers to the pref > Hardware Acceleration and the OpenCL option, that will be available with virtually any card. The value of such option alone may be near zero for one's timeline, but it will be selectable.

But all correct, some old hardware and drivers required to get the very outdated PD15 to use "Hardware video encoder" box on the "Produce" page. But as OP requested, here is a page CL listed for GPU's for PD15,

What real features, capability, will be functional with the hardware has never been stated by CL that I've seen for any release.


opdata, tomsac, JL_JL,
Thanks all for the replies. While the new faster system should improve my compiling times and all, does sound like I need to skip PD15 and move on to PD 16, 17, or 18 (same price). I looked at the supplied PD15 link, and then found the PD16 list as well. So I'm buying this system, and the video card options above the base Intel UHD that I could afford if really needbe, are GeForce GT1030 2GB at +$100, or a Radeon 5600 6GB +$150. Or I could supply my own choice if there's another option that will provide all the accel, encoding, etc with PD16-18. Can ya'll give me your suggestions for the best performance/compatibility for the money for this non-power/gamer user?
Quote I would strongly recommend against buying PD15 because its nVidia hardware compatibility stopped with driver version 411.70 in Sept 2018. That means that PD15 won't be able to work with any GPU cards released after that date, and you will also likely be fighting Windows when it continually wants to update your video driver.

The integrated GPU in Intel CPUs is unaffected by this issue, but they are generally quite a bit less capable than dedicated nVidia cards; AMD cards are also unaffected, although I have no experience with them and there have been some ongoing issues here on the forum.

Thanks optodata for your reply and the info, and PD16 is also low cost option I'd consider if best.
I was first going to move my then hot - now a chilled Radeon HD6800 over to the new system and go from there depending. So sounds like PD15 may be fine with my 2012 Radeon, and many still hot pre-2018 used cards are available for the taking.
So I changed the topic to include specs for both PD15 and 16 (I still have the specs from Cyberlink for PD12).
Well, I'm about to finally replace my 8 year old homebrewed I7 2600, 8G ram PC with a I7 9700, 16G ram unit. So instead of probably getting into errors trying to reinstall my trusty PD 12, which was upgraded from PD 10, I'm just gonna pick up a newer PD 15 really cheap. When I choose my video card for PD 10/12, Cyberlink provided a list of video cards that would be compatible with the PD software for hardware accel, and openCL. Can someone link or post the ones compatible with PD 15?
Thanks so much for the direct link to the menus, this solved my immedite issue of just finding the menus on the site. Looks like the menus are hidden or stored, under, then Director Zone, then the first Templates box for PD (Menu icon is not there), then finally the obvoius DVD Menus selection. My thanks to all that responded as well.
I will lightly troubleshoot obtaining the menus from within PD12 at a later date. And maybe an update is in order anyway, lol.
Thanks for the reply.
However, went exactly where you said (had been there before too) and_my default browser FireFox did not open. All I see there are the old templates I previously downloaded. The link I'm looking for use to be reached right off my Cyberlink emails I received. Certainly the uploaded menus can be still reached directly off there website, or has that changed Cyberlink?
So since the new website layout, with me moving and so on, I've ignored the fact that I can't find all the hundreds of uploaded menus I use to browse through for use in my PD12. And after 10 mins on the site, I still can't find them. I searched for menus, and found only 23. Where are they located now?
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