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Sounds like you want your video to have a 9:16 aspect ratio? Just change your project aspect ratio.

Please also tell us which version of PDR you are using and also attach a screenshot if possible.

PowerDirector Moderator

I changed the aspect ratio but now I have a size issue .... it hardly fills the screen.
Quote: My wife toke a video with a iphone and take the video in portrait mode, is there a way to rotate this to landscape?

With the video on the timeline, select clip mode, see the blue circle with the"+" grab the top of the circle, press left button and drag the video around to the orientation you want.

Produce to your chosen format.

if my video was square, this would have done it ... but since its rectangular, the video is rotated but the frame is not, therefore my rectangular video is now square and I am loosing a lot ... how do I prevent this, how do I get the entire video to rotate 90degrees and not just the video within the rectangle.

I later found the aspect ratio changer on top of screen and that fixed the above problem ... but now all I get is a very small video ... wondering why ... I didn't change the size, only rotated it ... why is it super small?
Quote Hi instructionaldesigner612 -

I'll jump in, even though I'm a little unclear on the overall purpose of your questions. Understanding that would affect the response.

PDR has no speech to text function like Camtasia Studio. It makes use of the Microsoft speech-to-text software and integrates in into the Camtasia Studio interface to generate subtitles. This *video* shows how. To do this in PDR, you could generate the subtitles separately and import them into PDR. Once you have the text generated as a .txt file it can be imported into the Subtitle room. Cheers - Tony

Very informative. I am also looking at good speech to text tools that will streamline the close captioning process. For what it's worth, YouTube actually does a fair job but you of course have to upload your video to youtube to use it and if that is not your intended final destination, then it is not a lot of use, except you can download the captioning and use elsewhere ... so perhaps one can use Youtube to create your captioning text download it and then put it back in your PDR project and re-render. ;

Anyway, I went to the video link you gave for speech to text on Camtasia but that link seemed to be a whole bunch of videos for that software, none of which I can find is specific to speech to text. Can you be a bit more specific on that link?? Thanks again for your quite informative post.
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