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Chuckle. I have the latest Windows version, drivers, etc. The very fact that version 17 works OK shows that the problem is version 18, not my computer.

I contacted Cyberlink Support. They simply asked for a lot more information, as if no one else had ever encountered any of these problems before. I don't believe that; and even if it were true, it would simply mean that this version is a lot more trouble to me than it's worth.

The simplest explanation for all this grief is that Cyberlink does not really support 3D anymore.

I asked for and have been promised a refund, and reverted to version 17. I won't be buying from Cyberlink again.
When I initially installed PowerDVD 18 Ultra, I told the installer to carry over my settings from version 17. As a result, version 18 immediately crashed every time I tried to start it up.

I had to uninstall version 18, specifying to remove settings as well, then reinstall it. Now it runs, although it still has a couple of catastrophic bugs (see other threads).
I notice that PowerDVD17 has designated its folder as an exclusion from Windows Defender Antivirus. If I understand correctly, this means that if malware gets placed into the PowerDVD17 folder, Windows Defender will never find it, much less get rid of it.

Is this danger really necessary?
Yes, that worked. I had to remove all libraries, close the application, kill an instance that was running in the background, reopen the application, re-add Photos and Videos, and let it spin for several hours.
Quote I couldn't reproduce this on my side. Have you directed PowerDVD17 to the right folders?

Yes, and in fact those were the defaults: Photos and Videos. I tried to add them again, and got a message that those folders were already in the Media Library.

Is there a way to force PowerDVD 17 Ultra to totallly rebuild the Media Library? Should I try a total uninstall & reinstall of the program, and specifically tell it not to retain settings?
PowerDVD 16 Ultra correctly built a Media Library of all my photos and videos (in the Photos and Videos folders and their subfolders). When I installed PowerDVD 17 Ultra, I told the installation to reuse the same settings.

But PowerDVD 17 Ultra finds only some photos and videos--perhaps those created in 2015 and before. I've let the program run with its spinning disk a long time, but it doesn't find anything else.

I see no way to force PowerDVD 17 Ultra to totallly rebuild its Media Library correctly. Is there?
I now realize that a 3D Display setting for all of YouTube would be unacceptable, because it would goof up display of all 2D videos on YouTube (the vast majority!).
I found that I can force PowerDVD to interpret all video as side-by-side via a global 3D Display setting. This is not really a solution, though:

- I have no idea what this setting will do to Blu-Ray 3D movies, which are not in side-by-side format.
- This setting will obviously not handle any other 3D format on YouTube, such as top-and-bottom.

Ideally, PowerDVD would correctly detect the 3D format of YouTube videos; but if it cannot do that, I would settle for a 3D Display setting that applies specifically to YouTube rather than to all video playback.
I have the latest PowerDVD 13 Ultra (13.0.3520.5. When I select the YouTube tab and search for yt3d, I see many YouTube videos that were meant for 3D viewing. (Typically, they are actually in side-by-side format.) But when I actually play them, PowerDVD does not detect their intended format, and instead 3D-ifies the side-by-side presentation.

PowerDVD correctly plays 3D Blu-Rays as well as my own 3D (side-by-side) videos taken with my LG Thrill and my earlier HTC Evo 3D. Occasionally, a home video is not automatically detected as 3D (e.g., if taken in very dim light), but I can then manually set the video to play in 3D. Unfortunately, there is no such option for YouTube videos.

How are other people getting YouTube yt3d videos to play correctly in 3D?
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